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Trump Beats Experts Again

President Donald Trump has done it again!  The May 2020 jobs report was expected, by 'The Experts' to be horrendous with perhaps an unemployment rate of over 20%.  They predicted an increase of some 8-9 million jobs being lost in May.  BUT, instead, we had a net job growth of about 2.5 million new jobs.  The national average unemployment rate actually fell from 14.7% to 13.3%.  Trump has been saying all along that once the Coronavirus shutdown ended, our economy would recover like a "rocket ship", a sharp 'V' on spreadsheet charts.  Sure enough, Trump was right again! 


The Washington Post, part of the Fake News Media, posted on Twitter just before the Bureau of Labor released its numbers that the unemployment rate would be 20%.  Within minutes, they were proven wrong!  The tweet was scrubbed and a new tweet posted giving the actual number.  Mind you, most states have yet to fully reopen.  In the month of May, only a handful really began to reopen.  But, as always, small businesses led the way.  One can only expect even better numbers as we move forward.  Good news for America, and the Trump reelection campaign.  Bad news for Democrats and The Media.

Trump also won another battle.  The latest trash talk against the anti-malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, was retracted by the publisher, the British medical journal "Lancet".  A report claiming that the drug was ineffective against the COVID-19 virus, and dangerous to patients, did not stand up to scrutiny.  The primary source for the data was a company with just 4 employees.  One of whom is a Sci-Fi writer, another an Internet porn star. The data could no longer be trusted as accurate.  

There is one of those challenges on Facebook where you are to post movies which describe your world view.  My Number One film on my list would be the Orson Welles docu-comedy, "F Is For Fake".  A film dedicated to exposing the folly of so-called 'experts'.  How in the world of art, many art experts have failed in rooting out forgeries.  Some museums may have large numbers of fakes in their collections.  The whole game of art experts is a joke.  Likewise other experts.  Opinions do not equal truth.  Unless, of course, you have a good nose for The Truth, which President Donald J. Trump appears to have.

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