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Testing, Testing, Testing

For almost 3 years, Democrats and The Media chanted, "Russia, Russia, Russia".  Then, last summer, they switched to, "Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine", followed later by, "Impeachment, Impeachment, Impeachment".  Now, the anti-Trump forces are chanting, "Testing, Testing, Testing".  Considering how this all started, the Trump administration has done an extraordinary job in retooling our government agencies and capabilities in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.  About 7 weeks ago, our nation had a single platform for testing patients to determine if they had the COVID-19 virus.  These tests had to be processed manually at the CDC lab in Atlanta, or at local or state run public health labs.  The CDC lab could only process about 50-60 tests per day and results could takes 3-4 days to be determined.  Today, we now have some 11 platforms, expanding our capacity to doing some 140,000 tests per day, most of which can be automatically processed with results available in less than one day.  


We also now know that there are some 5,000 high-volume testing machines which either are not being used or used at only 10% capacity.  This week, the White House Coronavirus Response Task Force sent state governors a detailed list of where these machines are and how they can be used.  Trump is also arranging for manufacturers to begin ramping up production of testing supplies, such as the swabs, sample holding tubes and sterile transport mediums.  Shortly, are ability to test will expand from the current 5 million per month to 15 million per month.

Yet, we still have Far-Left politicians and TV pundits complaining about a lack of testing.  For starters, the idea that you have to test everybody, all 340 Million Americans, is ridiculous!  This is the argument for those Socialists who want to keep the economy shutdown and are promoting the idea of a universal paycheck.  Giving people money for not working.  Testing is important in identifying what patients with symptoms are actually afflicted with.  Testing healthcare workers and other 'front-line' first responders is also necessary.  As is monitoring at-risk populations, like people in nursing homes, and for general samplings of specific populations.  Likewise for newer antibody testing, which may identify who already had COVID-19.  But these tests are still new and may not yet be accurate enough for basing public policy on.

Some testing fanatics want every man, woman and child tested multiple times before we reopen the economy.  Some ae calling for at least 1.5 Billion tests to be conducted in the United States before reopening businesses.  Mind you, we are already seeing partisan governors basing what businesses and services are essential and which are non-essential based on politics, not science.  Buying liquor and lottery tickets are essential, but not going to church.  In Michigan, Gov. Gretchen 'Dimwit' Whitmer thinks having surgery to replace a hip or knee, enabling people to walk without pain, are non-essential, but getting an abortion is essential.  Clearly, science is not being considered in these restrictions.

Under Trump, America has now tested more citizens than any other country.  We've tested more than the 7 largest European nations combined.  We've tested more per capita than nearly every single country with the possible exception of Iceland and other low-population countries.  That shortfall will soon be surpassed as well.  We've already passed South Korea per-capita testing in half the time they took to do theirs.  Testing, while important, is not a cure.  Nor does it really help in the short run.  You could be tested and then infected minutes later.  Even testing people every 14 days may not tell you much as some people remain positive for a month or longer without any symptoms.

No, the testing criticism is just another attempt by the Fake News Media and the Democrats to attack President Donald Trump.  By any metric, he has done an extraordinary job in combating the Coronavirus pandemic.  His decisions to ban air travel from countries with epidemics early on saved countless lives to COVID-19.  We could have had over a million deaths instead of less than 50,000.  The anti-Trump gang have to complain about something, anything.  Testing is just their latest lie.

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