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Systemic Incompetence

Was George Floyd the victim of systemic racism?  Or was he the victim of systemic incompetence?  Is there even such a thing as systemic racism these days?  Many cities are about to make serious policy decisions based on perceived opinions.  If one just examines actual crime statistics, you have to question whether there systemic racism exists or is any sort of a problem these days.  Even in the case of George Floyd being allegedly murdered by Derek Chauvin, was it institutionally driven racism or just plain bureaucratic incompetence that is at the root cause of the atrocity?  Chauvin, a 19-year veteran of the Minneapolis Police Department, has had many complaints filed against him in the past.  At least 6 of these complaints could have, or should have, resulted in his dismissal.  Senator Amy Klobuchar, a contender to be Joe Biden's VP pick, may have some blood on her hands concerning why Chauvin skated through previous accusations of police brutality.


The city council of Minneapolis is now considering abolishing its police department and replace it with some 'New Age', ultra-Liberal social worker agency.  Like some gunman robbing a liquor store will be talked out of shooting and looting by somebody suggesting trying to utilize 'city resources' instead.  Other cities are also now talking about defunding police, if not outright abolishing them, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City.  As if the looting, arson and mayhem caused by anarchists the past two weeks hasn't provided a clue as to what will happen if there are no police around.  As they say in "Game Of Thrones", "The night is dark and full of terrors."

Systemic incompetence is something we see quite clearly.  Especially in cities and states which have been run by Democrats for decades.  They have high crime rates, poverty rates, terrible schools, lousy services like trash pick-ups, and plenty of streets full of potholes.  They usually are all over budget and have serious problems with inflated legacy pension plans.  Yet, people keep reelecting the same bunch of idiots to govern them.  Whose to blame for that?

As 'THEY' say, you don't throw out the baby with the bath water.  Yes, there is police brutality.  Is it systemic?  Hardly.  Cases of such have declined tremendously over the past 50 years.  Last year, out of some 10.5 million police interactions with potential criminals, only 1,004 were killed by police.  About a quarter of those were Blacks killed by police.  Of those, only 9 Black men and one Black woman were killed while being unarmed.  Even then, 8 of those 9 men still fought back and resisted arrest.  One tried to run over a cop with a car.  Several others died while trying to take the policemen's pistol.  In only two of these 10 incidents were police criminally prosecuted and found guilty of abusing their authority.

Are people really willing to risk the potential chaos of abolishing police?  Social justice extremists, along with their allies in Academe, The Media and the DNC are willing to take the risk.  If they get their way with this move, the next is to disarm the people.  There is always room for improvement.  Some practical reforms, like loosening the grip of police unions in protecting truly bad cops, would be make sense.  Additional training and improved supervision are rational reforms to implement.  But replacing police with social workers is an idiotic idea.  

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