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Seattle Autonomous Zone

Welcome to "Capitol Hill" in the new, Seattle Autonomous Zone.  An area of some 6 to 7 city blocks of the Emerald City has been taken over by Marxist-Socialist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  This 'cop-free' zone is just part of the ongoing protests started from the death of George Floyd while in custody of the Minneapolis Police Department.  Protesters have a long list of demands as they occupy Seattle's East Precinct.  Seattle Police vacated their building on Monday under escort of the National Guard.  Since then, mobs of anarchists and agitators have taken over.  For some 17 days now, we have seen violent unrest in some 42 cities across America.  Yesterday, members of the Woke Movement, the Cancel Culture, have been busy tearing down and vandalizing statutes and other monuments in many locations.  Cop shows on TV are being pulled and cancelled.  Even the cartoon "Paw Patrol" may get the axe.  All in response to the alleged police brutality and murder of George Floyd.


Like 96% of America, when I first saw the video of Minneapolis Police Offer Derek Chauvin kneeling on the back of George Floyd's neck, I was horrified by the cruel imagery.  My initial reaction was how could such a thing happen?  Why did the other three police officers on the scene not stop it?  One thing that nagged me, my 'Columbo moment', was why did the police fail to place Floyd into the back of the police car after they had already cuffed him, apparently without any trouble.  Did Chauvin suddenly decide that he had not abused anyone in weeks and wanted to torture Floyd?  Is this why we had more than 2 weeks of rioting with thousands of businesses burnt or looted, 749 police injured, 4 cops killed, and countless citizens killed, raped, robbed and terrorized?  Los Angeles has seen a 250% increase in murders.  On May 31, Chicago broke a 60-year record for murders with 18 committed in one day.  9-1-1 calls were more than 4 times higher than normal in the Windy City that day as police abandoned neighborhoods to deal with protesters downtown.  

Maybe, just maybe, there is another explanation.  A court trial will eventually be held at some point in the future and perhaps the truth will one day be known.  But, what if there is another explanation for what happened?  My 'Columbo moment' is still nagging me.  Why was Floyd getting more uncontrollable?  The toxicology report performed during the autopsy may hold the truth.  Floyd was found to have recently taken drugs before his death.  A cocktail which included methamphetamine and fentanyl.  Fentanyl may have played a huge role in the event of Floyd's death.  A powerful, synthetic opioid, fentanyl has a history of causing respiratory arrest. Also seizures and other serious side effects.  Indeed, opioid deaths claim some 70,000 deaths every year from abuse.  Many types of opioids contain a percentage of fentanyl.  At least 5,000 people die directly from fentanyl overdose.  In most cases, about 90%, from asphyxiation.  Fentanyl attacks the brain and nervous system associated with breathing.  

Occam's Razor tells us that the simplest explanation is usually the true one.  Did Floyd have a fentanyl seizure and started freaking out while sitting in the back of the police car?  Did Officer Chauvin, who knew Floyd from when they both worked security at a local night club, acted seemingly to do Floyd a favor, trying  to help calm him down?  But, it was too little, too late.  My 'Columbo moment' is beginning to nag me into thinking that George Floyd was probably going to die that day long before he tried passing a counterfeit $20 bill.  He was doomed by his own drug abuse.  The police screwed up in not recognizing his distress as a medical situation that required immediate attention.  That they should have either driven Floyd to the nearest hospital.  Then, they compounded the distress by putting him face down on the street.  When dealing with somebody having such a seizure, one must put the patient face up to ensure better breathing.

In Minneapolis, since 2015, police have used choke holds some 237 times with unconsciousness occurring some 16% of the time.  A total of 44 incidents.  As best as we can determine, Floyd was the only death. There have been deaths from police chokeholds in other jurisdictions.  However, such are rare.  Just as we see in actual statistics on police related deaths, there is no wave of systemic racism nor brutality.  Last year, during some 10.5 million arrests, only 10 unarmed Blacks were killed by police.  Even 8 of those still had police using deadly force because the suspect attacked them despite being unarmed.

On the other hand, we have plenty of cases of people dying each year from fentanyl abuse.  Thousands each year.  So which seems more likely?  Did Floyd die from police brutality or by his own drug abuse?  As I said earlier, at some point a court of law will determine what probably happened.  Even if Floyd died from a fentanyl overdose, there may still be cause for police neglect and mishandling being partially responsible.  The drum beat of the Fake News Media about peaceful protests is an outright lie.  The failure by mostly Democrat governors and mayors to protect their citizens from rioters and agitators is inexcusable.  Now, part of a major city, Seattle, is in the hands of extremists.  Is growing lawlessness the future of our nation?  Has all of the destruction of the past two and a half weeks been based on a false narrative?  Even if it was a true narrative of police brutality, is it justified?  I say NO!  

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