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New COVID Drug Study

The Henry Ford Health System has published the results of their COVID-19 drug study.  The controlled experiment involved some 2,500 patients, all hospitalized with COVID-19 from March 10 through May 2.  Patients were divided into 4 groups.  One received no therapeutic drugs, one group received hydroxychloroquine, another with azithromycin (or AMZ or Z-Pack), and the final group received both drugs.  The results were stunning!  For those who received no therapeutic drugs, the death rate was 26.4%.  The group which only received hydroxychloroquine had a death rate of just 13%!  The group which received both drugs had a death rate of 20% and the group which only got Z-Pack had a death rate of 22%.  More importantly, the study found no evidence of any secondary damage to the heart from use of the medications.


Most patients, about 82%, received medication within 24 hours of being admitted to a hospital with serious COVID-19 symptoms.  Over 90% within 48 hours.  The study by the Detroit-area healthcare system was intended to involve a larger sample of at least 3,000 patients.  But, the FDA pulled back its emergency usage of hydroxychloroquine after several other studies showed little benefit and in some cases, harm.  However, we now know that some of the data used in a report published by the British medical journal, The Lancet, is now tainted.  One source was a company which had only 4 employees, one of whom was a adult porn model!

The hydroxychloroquine argument is largely political.  Ever since President Donald Trump raised prospects after a favorable study from France became public, the Fake News Media and a host of Trump-hating 'experts' have attacked the benefits of using the drug.  Trump even used the drug himself to prevent getting the Coronavirus for two weeks with no apparent harmful side effects.  Hydroxychloroquine was original made for fighting malaria some 65 years ago.  Since then, it has proved to be effective in treating Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and even other Coronaviruses like SARS.

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