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Joe Biden Trump Pardon

Imagine the utter hubris of Joe Biden.  The former Vice President announced on MSNBC that he would not pardon President Donald Trump should Biden be elected this November.  As if Trump has done anything needing a pardon for!  Biden might want to beg Trump for a pardon after Trump wins reelection.  Biden has some explaining to do.  Records show that Biden requested an unmasking of Michael Flynn on January 12, 2017.  Biden had heard about the FBI investigation of Flynn during the January 5 briefing at the White House.  Notes from both Susan Rice and Sally Yates put Biden in the room during the Flynn briefing.  January 12 is the same day that the Flynn story was leaked to the press.  A federal felony.  Was it just a coincidence that the same day Biden got his paws on Flynn's file that the information was leaked?  Or did Biden do the leaking?


Even if Biden had leaked, he may have not been the only one.  There had been a lot of leaking during the early days of the Trump administration.  Even during the transition period before the inauguration.  Many high ranking Obama officials had been unmasking intercepted foreign communications for names of American citizens.  Names which were supposed to remain classified unless actual criminal charges could be brought against them.  But names of Trump appointees and campaign workers were being leaked to the Media long before any charges were filed.  There was also a large amount of unmasking being done by lower-level, government employees.  Some who had recently been transferred to intelligence agencies and the State Department in the closing days of the Obama administration.  

Many of us have been waiting over 3 years for the Russia witch hunt to end with the leakers, the liars, exposed and prosecuted.  We are still waiting some real justice.  But, slowly, The Truth is surfacing.  Biden, and many others, may one day find themselves in trouble.  Obama and Biden used the entire federal law enforcement power, along with all of our intelligence forces, to defeat a political opponent.  Not at all their intended use.  Frankly, I do not put much of the blame on Biden.  His entire life has that of a hack, a stooge.  Obama is not much better, but he did occupy the 'Big Chair'.  The 'Buck', as they say, ends at his smelly feet.

Biden, being the dimwitted liar that he is, does not surprise me with his silly remarks.  He has been out to lunch for many years.  If leaking classified material doesn't finish him, abusing his office for financial gain might.  Biden may have been an incompetent fool, but he is as corrupt as it gets in politics.  He deserves no pardon.  Biden is an old man, he probably would not last long enough to face any prison time.  One thing is certain, if Biden is elected president, this country will suffer.  Life will get much more complicated and difficult.  

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