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Defund Police Or Anarchists

Far Left Loons now want to defund the police.  A petition is being circulated, signed by Hollywood Wackos like Jane Fonda, calling for disbanding police departments.  The Lefties want to replace police with 'Rapid Response Social Workers'.  Presumably, after a robbery, rape, murder or a domestic violence incident, the RRSW will show up to distribute some 'street money', condemns, morning after pills, or a 40-ouncer of malt liquor with a box lunch of fried chicken and biscuits.  I have a better idea, defund these anarchist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  They are using the peaceful protests supporting the George Floyd family to their own agenda of civil unrest and chaos.  They are mingling within crowds of protesters to encourage unrest and start trouble.  For the past 8 days, riots and unrest have spread across America in a very organized fashion.


After city and state leaders in Minnesota allowed police to surrender the 3rd Precinct building to a mob for ransacking, rioters have gotten progressively more violent and bold.  By Sunday night, 26 states deployed national guard units as lootings and fires broke out in about 40 cities.  Dozens of policemen have been injured, some shot, some struck by automobiles, most were hit with bricks and bottles.  Hundreds, if not thousands of small and large businesses have been looted or set ablaze.  Even the historic St. John's Church in Washington, DC, was torched by demonstrators.  Built in 1815, every president since James Madison has attended this church across the park from the White House.  In New York City, the Soho area was looted Sunday night.  On Monday evening, rioters looted a dozen blocks in midtown Manhattan, including Macy's on 34th Street in Herald Square.  

The Liberal Democrat policy of allowing protesters to vent their rage while police were held back from making arrests.  In states like New York, with 'No Bail' laws allowing criminals to be released immediately, it didn't matter if police did arrest looters.  The nerve of Governor Andrew Cuomo accusing the NYPD of not doing their job is a disgrace.  How can police protect people and property if arrested criminals are allowed to roam free thanks to laws passed by Cuomo and Democrats?  In Minnesota, arrested anarchists and looters are being bailed out by donations from Biden campaign workers and Hollywood elites.  

Some of these anarchists are well equipped.  Not only did they get travel expenses to go to cities across America, they had police scanners and secure communications gear.  Organizers are using social media accounts to coordinate the chaos they are causing.  Some seem to have special training for dealing with police barricades.  Some have been seen and caught passing out bricks and Molotov cocktails to protesters for instigating a violent, police response to be filmed by news teams.

The real shame here is that these protests are meaningless.  Nobody disputes that George Floyd was murdered.  That he was a victim of police brutality.  The 4 officers involved have been fired, one has been arrested and charged.  Even his wife has divorced the cop who killed Floyd.  I have no doubt that the other officers will be charged and that the killer will get additional charges against him.  A poll shows that 96% of the country agrees that Floyd was unjustly killed.  The main reason you protest is to support a position that not everyone agrees with.  Burning small businesses, many owned by minorities in minority neighborhoods, does nothing to help your local community, nor does it solve the issue of bad policing.  

What is more bizarre is that just weeks ago, the same Democrat governors and mayors allowing rioters to do whatever were cracking down on barbers and priests for violating social distancing rules during the COVID pandemic.  Small, peaceful protests were denounced by these Liberal politicians and the Fake News Media.  NYC Mayor De Blasio was calling for police to arrest Jews attending funeral services.  But he won't allow police to arrest looters, vandals and arsonists.  

We are living in a mixed-up, topsy-turvy world where reality is ignored and fantasy reigns.  Hopefully, the rioting will burn itself out in the next few days.  Seriously, we don't have time for this bullshit.  We need to be focused on restarting the economy after the pandemic.  Statistically, police brutality is very rare.  Even so-called racially-biased forms.  Last year, some 10 million arrests were made by police.  Some 1004 suspects were shot by cops, less than 50 were unarmed.  Of those, only 9 were Blacks.  If you want to protest unwarranted killing in the Black community, try going after Planned Parenthood.  Since Roe v Wade, between 16 to 20 million Black babies have been aborted.  Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was an outright racist who advocated depopulating non-Whites, along with 'White-trash', even giving speeches to the KKK's women's group.  If Black Lives Matter, how about Black infants?  There is your genocide!

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