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Bend The Knee

Bend the knee and confess!  Apologize for White privilege!  Submit to the New Normal!  A video is going somewhat viral showing a white woman being forced to kneel on a sidewalk and apologize for being white.  The person filming the video, directing the woman to humiliate herself, claims to be from Black Lives Matter.  There is no confirmation that the videographer is from BLM.  However, in Maryland, BLM did lead a protest event where about 100 or so white people went down on their knees to confess and apologize for their White privilege.  So, somebody is doing this.  The question is, how far are they going to go?



Bend the knee!  One of my favorite lines from Season 7 of "Game of Thrones".  First, Queen Cercei Lannister-Baratheon wants Jon Snow, King of the North, to bend the knee to her.  The Snow is ordered to bend the knee for another.  None other than the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, the Storm Born, the Unburnt, Breaker of Chains, Kahlesee of the Great Grass Sea, the true heir to the Iron Throne, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms.  There's a mouthful of titles!  Talk about White privilege.  A tad more impressive than some schmuck from BLM.

Another video posted on 'The Internet' is recorded by a protester, chiding three white women as they scrubbed BLM graffiti off of a wall of a federal building.  The women responded that they are government employees and were ordered to scrub away the graffiti.  The video recorder complained to them that they were showing their 'White privilege' in doing so.  Apparently, these women are not yet ready to bend the knee.  

The legitimate protest of the murder of George Floyd has been hijacked by extremist groups.  Just how far these groups are coordinating is unclear.  My guess is that they are only cooperating enough to fulfill immediate needs.  Like arranging demonstrations or stashing bricks and other weaponry for access to protesters.  There are signs that there are conflicts between Antifa and Black Lives Matter that have popped up recently.  In the past couple of days, since these kneeling videos have emerged, I have noticed some changes in the protests.  For the first 7-8 days, some demonstrators carried signs saying, "White Silence Is Violence".  But in the last couple of days, those have been replaced with a more generic, "Silence Is Violence".  A change perhaps designed because of worries that some BLM leaders that they may be pushing too hard, too soon.

Black Lives Matter has come a long way since they first popped up during the Ferguson riots.  They have evolved into a major civil rights organization much like Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition or Al Sharpton's National Action Network.  BLM now gets corporate funding from companies like Apple and Pepsi.  Money, positions on boards of directors, diversity management jobs, etc., are all flowing now into BLM.  Extorting such loot with threats of boycotts or protests outside corporate headquarters is a tricky thing.  Push too hard and John Law might show up.  Which explains why BLM is now targeting police departments for extinction.  Replacing police with BLM's own cadre of enforcers under the guise of 'social workers'.

With dunderhead politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Mitt Romney, and even farts like retired General 'Mad Dog' Mattis on the loose, America is in peril.  Antifa has been around for decades, slowly working to destroy America.  Their old Soviet masters may be Russian oligarchs now, or Chinese billionaires, but they are a patient lot.  Groups like BLM have shorter histories, but they are schooled in the same old methods of guerilla movements.  Newer groups like the Boogaloos are still in their infancy, but when you combine them altogether, you have the makings of a genuine, domestic threat to the Constitution and our entire assortment of institutions.  President Trump seems to be one of the few people around who recognizes the reality of the situation we are now in.  Pray for his strength and wisdom during these dark days.

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