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Rioters Burn Essential Businesses

Riots in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota intensified Thursday night.  Local police retreated from the 3rd Precinct, allowing rioters to trash the building.  So far, some 170 businesses have been looted or destroyed by protesters of the George Floyd death.  Floyd was killed on Monday when he was arrested by police after trying to pass a forged $20 bill at a local store.  For some reason, he was removed from the back seat of the police car he was sitting in, handcuffed.  Minneapolis Police Officer Dereck Chauvin then began kneeling on the back of Floyd's neck as Floyd was face-down on the street.  Chauvin pinned Floyd down for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, despite Floyd pleading to stand up and shouting, "I can't breath!"  Three other officers were present while this brutal torture went on.  Even after another officer informed Chauvin that he could not find a pulse on Floyd, Chauvin continued to kneel on the back on Floyd's neck for another 2 minutes and 53 seconds.  So, you may think that the title of my article is a tad flippen.  


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Biden - You Ain't Black

Joe Biden did it again!  Mr Gaffe was on the podcast, "The Breakfast Club", hosted by Charlemagne tha God this morning.  As the interview was wrapping up, Charlemagne said he still had many questions for Joe.  But Biden responded that if you still haven't chosen to vote for him over Trump, "then you ain't Black"!  This touched off a backlash from a number of Black business leaders, politicians and entertainers.  Robert Johnson, founder and CEO of the BET network, and even P Diddy, both took offense to Biden's remark. Michigan Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, war veteran John James, also issued a statement condemning Joe Biden.  Of course, James was on hand with President Trump at the tour of the Ford Motor factory yesterday.  Biden issued an apology and told a group of Black businessmen via telephone that he was, "too cavalier".  There has been a growing concern nationwide that Democrat candidates take the Black vote for granted.


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Trump Taking COVID Drug

President Donald Trump announced yesterday that he has been taking hydroxychloroquine for the past 2 weeks.  Also known as HCQS, the malaria drug has been considered by many to be an effective Coronavirus treatment.  The anti-Trump Media has been trashing the drug ever since President Trump first mentioned it during a press conference weeks ago.  This is all part of the Left's objective to keep America shutdown in order to have a bad economy during election time.  Anything positive about the Coronavirus outbreak, like a practical drug treatment or declines in new cases is heavily scrutinized by the Fake News Media.  So, naturally, White House reporters went ballistic over Trump declaring his use of hydroxychloroquine.


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Joe Biden Trump Pardon

Imagine the utter hubris of Joe Biden.  The former Vice President announced on MSNBC that he would not pardon President Donald Trump should Biden be elected this November.  As if Trump has done anything needing a pardon for!  Biden might want to beg Trump for a pardon after Trump wins reelection.  Biden has some explaining to do.  Records show that Biden requested an unmasking of Michael Flynn on January 12, 2017.  Biden had heard about the FBI investigation of Flynn during the January 5 briefing at the White House.  Notes from both Susan Rice and Sally Yates put Biden in the room during the Flynn briefing.  January 12 is the same day that the Flynn story was leaked to the press.  A federal felony.  Was it just a coincidence that the same day Biden got his paws on Flynn's file that the information was leaked?  Or did Biden do the leaking?


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What Did Obama Know

As Donald John Trump was being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, Susan Rice was cleaning out her desk.  She was Barack Obama's last National Security Advisor.  Her replacement would be former Lt. General, Michael Flynn.  He was an old hand at intelligence and national security with over 30 years of military service.  Plus, Flynn had served as Obama's Director of National Intelligence, DNI, for a time.  Flynn was fired by Obama from the DNI job after Flynn disagreed publicly with his boss.  Obama tried to paint the picture that after Usama bin Laden was killed, Al Qaeda and other radical, Islamic terrorist groups were no longer a problem.  Flynn disagreed and even began warning Obama about the rise of a new group, often called ISIS or ISIL, operating in Iraq and Syria.  So, Susan Rice was emptying her desk to make way for Flynn, when she sent herself a rather peculiar email.


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Transcripts Prove No Collusion

While the DOJ dropped its case against Michael Flynn, the House Intelligence Committee finally released transcripts of 57 witnesses on the Russian collusion claim.  The transcripts prove that there never was any collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 election.  Even top Obama administration officials, like James Clapper, Sally Yates, Loretta Lynch and Susan Rice told the House Intel Committee that there was never any evidence of such collusion. Yet, Clapper, Yates, and many others, like Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerrod Nadler, all claimed in public that they knew of evidence.  For more than 3 years, Democrats, and the Fake News Media, pushed the fable of Russia collusion, hamstringing the Trump administration.  Some may even say that the recent attempt by the House to impeach President Trump distracted the nation, and the government, from preparing for the Coronavirus outbreak.


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COVID Intel Report

Intelligence documents show China hid the severity of the Coronavirus outbreak during the early stages of the pandemic.  On Saturday, the Daily Telegraph of Australia published a 6-page story based on a 15-page, leaked intel report.  The report is known as a 'Five Eyes' or '5 Eyes' report, as it was compiled by the joint cooperation of the intelligence services of five nations.  Those 5 are the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  The substance of the report apparently blames the Chinese government for concealing the true nature of what would become known as the COVID-19 outbreak, especially during the months of December and most of January.  


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