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Flynn FBI Docs Prove Entrapment

New FBI documents released on the Michael Flynn case prove that investigators were out to entrap him.  Among the documents is a handwritten note taken during a meeting between James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Bill Priestap.  The note raises the question of motivation.  "What is our goal?  Truth/Admission or get him to lie so we can prosecute or get him fired?"  Two FBI agents, one of whom was Peter Strozk, went to the White House without notice to interview Flynn about a phone conversation with the Russian ambassador to the United States.  Flynn was on a vacation after the Trump presidential victory and was tapped to be the new National Security Director.  The FBI goal was to entrap Flynn into lying and prosecute him for violation of the Logan Act of 1799.  A law forbidding private citizens from engaging in diplomacy.  No one has ever been prosecuted for this law.  But Flynn was charged for lying to investigators when he could not remember details of the phone call.  Flynn eventually pleaded guilty after going bankrupt, spending some $6 Million dollars for his legal defense and to block threats of the FBI going after his eldest son.


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Trump Disinfects Media

There is simply no pleasing The Media.  They complain about the White House daily briefings with Coronavirus updates.  They say the briefings should not be televised.  CNN hardly covers them anymore after President Trump exposed their deceit in a video played recently.  Then, Trump cancels briefings over the weekend because the so-called 'journalists' twist whatever he says.  For example, on Thursday, the briefing included the results of experiments conducted by the DHS bio-terrorism research lab.  The conclusion is that heat and humidity does shorten the lifespan of COVID-19 both in the air and on surfaces.  They also verified that alcohol, bleach and UV light will disinfect surfaces from the virus.  Trump then poses a question to the room if "SOMETHING LIKE" those methods could be used internally in the human body.  That set off another round of Fake News.


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More Pelosi Lies

Nancy Pelosi made the rounds Sunday spewing more lies about her stand on the Coronavirus response.  She now is claiming that the Trump China travel ban did not go far enough.  That she wanted all travel stopped, including those flights which allowed thousands of American citizens to escape the infected areas like Wuhan and the surrounding Hubei province.  Pelosi seems to have forgotten her early tweet on Twitter criticizing the travel ban and calling for a 'No Ban Act'.  Pelosi also was encouraging citizens in her district to gather in large crowds and party, celebrating the Chinese New Year.  She also has been busy taking credit for financial assistance to U.S. citizens while delaying that relief while she eats her gourmet ice cream.  


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New York Dumb

New York Governor Andrew Coumo likes to end his daily press conferences with his, "New York Tough" slogan.  New York Tough is NY Smart, even NY loving.  So why is it that Coumo and NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio are so dumb?  One might even say, 'New York Dumb'!  Like Cosmo Kramer dumb!  Just look at how these two fools have bungled the Coronavirus outbreak.  Both encouraged their citizens to mingle in crowds even though the COVID-19 virus was beginning to run amok in their populations.  Both also left their citizens lacking in supplies and equipment needed to resist the epidemic.  De Blasio and Coumo even helped cause some 3,500 nursing home deaths by requiring said facilities to accept infected patients.  Then, Coumo tells his unemployed citizens that if they want jobs to become essential workers.  How cold blooded is that?


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Montreal Smallpox 1885

About the only good thing about the 'Stay At Home' orders is that many cable channels are free.  I stumbled across one called CONTV, which features mostly superhero video, plus stuff about cosplay and fan conventions.  Then I spotted a Canadian documentary called, "Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague".  The film is about the Montreal smallpox outbreak of 1885.  Along with retelling that bit of history, they also present how a similar epidemic in modern day Montreal might be handled.  What impressed me was the similarities with how people reacted to the 1885 smallpox epidemic in Montreal and how we are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Of course, our current outbreak is far larger in numbers and scope.  But the Montreal story follows nearly the very same pattern of events and how they unfolded.


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Testing, Testing, Testing

For almost 3 years, Democrats and The Media chanted, "Russia, Russia, Russia".  Then, last summer, they switched to, "Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine", followed later by, "Impeachment, Impeachment, Impeachment".  Now, the anti-Trump forces are chanting, "Testing, Testing, Testing".  Considering how this all started, the Trump administration has done an extraordinary job in retooling our government agencies and capabilities in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.  About 7 weeks ago, our nation had a single platform for testing patients to determine if they had the COVID-19 virus.  These tests had to be processed manually at the CDC lab in Atlanta, or at local or state run public health labs.  The CDC lab could only process about 50-60 tests per day and results could takes 3-4 days to be determined.  Today, we now have some 11 platforms, expanding our capacity to doing some 140,000 tests per day, most of which can be automatically processed with results available in less than one day.  


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Opening Up America Again

President Donald J. Trump announced his plan to reopen the American economy.  Its a 3-Phase plan that first starts with a Gateway.  Once a state, or a county, demonstrates that it meets the gateway criteria, that community may begin to reopen with Phase 1.  The gateway criteria depends heavily on trends.  Once a state or county shows that it has two weeks of continuous declining numbers of new cases, deaths and hospitalizations, and has adequate testing for several key groups of citizens, Phase 1 may begin.  Phase 1 is basically what we have now in terms of social distancing and hygiene guidelines.  It does allow businesses to reopen provided they continue current mitigation practices, such as keeping interpersonal contacts down to 10 people or less.  This includes sit-down dining at restaurants and other businesses currently considered 'non-essential'.


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Wuhan Lab Patient Zero

There is a growing body of evidence, real facts, pointing towards the Coronavirus outbreak starting at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  Two years ago, State Department officials were warning of the sloppy conditions at this research facility.  Several recent reports are providing more details on how the COVID-19 pandemic started.  If true, then it appears a female intern became infected while mishandling the contagion.  This strain of Coronavirus occurs naturally in the horseshoe bat.  The intern apparently infected her boyfriend, who then, in turn, infected other humans at a Wuhan wet market several miles away from the lab.  But the contagion didn't stop there.  A report from the British medical journal, "The Lancet", on January 24 described how about a third of COVID-19 cases in Wuhan had no connection to any wet market, where fresh meats were sold.  Other reports claim that while some varieties of bats were sold at the markets, none sold the horseshoe bat.  The nearest, wild colony of which lives more than 600 miles away.


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Michigan Governor Faces Protests

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer faces protests today.  Operation Gridlock will hit the state capitol, Lansing, as people rebel against tyrannical Coronavirus restrictions.  Also known as 'Governor Dimwit', she recently expanded restrictions, declaring stores like nurseries, selling gardening items, as non-essential.  Earlier, Whitmer threatened to legally attack doctors who prescribed hydroxychloroquine therapy to combat COVID-19.  State Representative Karen Whitsett, a fellow Democrat in Michigan, was sick with the Coronavirus, but she thanked President Donald Trump for making her aware of the potential benefits of the malaria drug.  As it turns out, Whitsett has taken the drug before when stricken with Lyme disease.  Due to Whitmer's confusing restrictions, Whitsett had trouble getting a COVID-19 test, as well as hydroxychloroquine, until she used her muscle as state legislator.


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Fire Fauci Fake News

Does President Trump want to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci?  Did Trump disregard expert, medical advice early on to shut the nation down?  If you watch CNN, or read the New York Times, or other members of the Fake News Media, the answer to these questions are, "YES!"  But, as usual, they are WRONG!  During today's White House daily briefing on the Coronavirus pandemic, much of the first hour dealt with the misreporting by so-called journalists.  Even Dr. Fauci declared that he was taken out of context from a very hypothetical question he was asked Sunday morning on CNN.  Trump then showed a quick video directed at the NY Times article claiming that he delayed in implementing advice from medical experts.  Naturally, reporters at the briefing fought back, but to no avail.  The Truth defeated their fake news!


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Media Mistrusts New Covid Models

Our news media hates any good news about the Coronavirus pandemic.  Over at MSNBC, host Chris Hayes is now questioning the latest COVID-19 models from the IHME.  A research group from the University of Washington, funded by the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation.  The first IHME computer model predicted a death toll of between 100,000 to 240,000 dead in America by August 4th.  However, that was based on the assumption that only about 50% of the nation would practice social distancing and good hygiene.  The actual number is closer to 93% compliance.  The real life data began a series of revisions to the IHME Covid Model.  First the death toll was reduced to about 93,000, then 86,000.  Two days ago, it was down to about 60,000.  Chris Hayes believes that the Trump administration is playing with the numbers in order to take credit for saving lives.  


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Trump vs WHO

President Donald Trump is engaged in a war of words with the World Health Organization.  Specifically with WHO Director, Dr. Tedros Adhamon Ghebreyes.  Trump says that the WHO has been too, "China centric" in their defense of the lack of honesty and openness by China on the early days of the Coronavirus outbreak.  On January 20, the Chinese were still saying officially that COVID-19 was not transmitted between humans.  On January 21, WHO repeated this position on human transmission.  Even though it turned out that Taiwan warned the WHO back on December 31, 2019 that there was indeed human transmission.  Later, Dr. Tedros and WHO were critics of Trump's decision in late January to ban travel from China to the United States.  A move that even Joe Biden now admits was the correct call to make.


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3D Printers vs Coronavirus

3D printers are quickly becoming the hero machines in the fight against the Coronavirus.  Not only are they being employed to make masks, face shields and even swabs for testing, but 3D printers are now producing ventilators.  Several companies and individual inventors and engineers are accomplishing this in nations like the United States, UK, Germany and Poland.  Known as 'Open Source Ventilators', these are simplified devices, often referred to as, "ventilators of last resort".  They may not have fancy LCD displays and other trimmings, but they are capable of keeping victims of COVID-19 alive.  Being open source designs, anybody with a 3D printer can download the data from the Internet and produce working models.


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Gov Coumo Taking, Not Stealing

New York Governor Andrew Coumo doesn't think taking is stealing.  He explained during his daily press conference yesterday that borrowing private property without permission is not stealing.  Coumo said that if he borrows your drill, without your permission, he will use it.  Maybe he'll give it back later.  Maybe he'll give it back when you need your own drill.  If he doesn't give it back, maybe he'll pay for it later at some point.  Maybe he'll buy you a replacement at some point in the future.  Maybe.  Such is his logic for taking ventilators and other medical equipment from private hospitals and companies.


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Schumer Ignorance

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has been sleeping on the job.  During an interview yesterday morning, he called for the Trump administration to put a "military" leader in charge of the logistic fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.  Schumer claims that federal resources, like ventilators, are not being produced fast enough nor being distributed wisely.  Governor Andrew Coumo of New York State has been complaining about a lack of ventilators.  He has demanded that all 20,000 ventilators from federal stockpiles be sent to his state.  Even though there are other 'hot spots', like New Jersey, Michigan and Louisiana also in need of additional equipment and supplies.  But Schumer has been too distracted by trying to politicize the Coronavirus pandemic.  About two weeks ago, President Trump assigned Rear Admiral John Polowczyk, logistics expert for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, to the White House Coronavirus Response Task Force.  


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Very Tough Two Weeks Ahead

President Trump and Doctors Fauci and Birx are warning that the next two weeks may be "very tough".  During yesterday's daily White House briefing, Trump and his key Coronavirus Response Task Force members explained why the nationwide social distancing guidelines were extended till April 30.  Using graphs and charts, America was given the grim numbers as to what may happen shortly.  Some computer models show a potential death rate from the COVID-19 pandemic may cost our nation 100,000 to 240,000 dead.  States like Michigan, Louisiana and Illinois are expected to have sharp peaks in cases and deaths by April 10.  Pennsylvania and other states will peak by April 16.  Alabama and others may peak around April 20.  


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