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Blog posts March 2020

Trump Extends Isolation Till April 30

President Donald Trump extended the White House Coronavirus mitigation guidelines until April 30.  On Saturday, Trump went to Norfolk to send off the USNS Comfort hospital ship to assist New York City.  The USNS Mercy arrived in Los Angeles on Friday.  Both ships are well equipped with 1,000 beds to accept non-Coronavirus medical cases, relieving local hospitals to deal with the pandemic.  On Sunday, Trump and his Coronavirus Response Task Force held a press conference in the White House Rose Garden.  The big news was that the protocols to slow down the spread of the pandemic have been extended until April 30.  These were originally scheduled to end today, Day 15, of the mitigation plan.  However, the virus is showing no sign of subsiding.


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Coronavirus Study Wrong

The Coronavirus study which became the basis of the Imperial College of London computer model was wrong.  VERY WRONG!  Drafted by an epidemiologist Neil Ferguson, (NOT historian Nial Ferguson), the study predicted dire infection and death rates for the UK and the United States.  The subsequent computer model predicted some 500,000 deaths in the UK and over 4 Million deaths in America.  The model assumed that at least 20 percent of the populations of both countries would become infected.  But, reality paints a different story.  Based on data from China, South Korea and now Italy, the potential infection rates are now much lower, so much so that new predictions are that the UK may only have some 20,000 deaths due to the Coronavirus.  Not much more than a typical flu season.


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Senate Agrees To Stimulus Plan

Early this morning at about 1:30am, the U.S. Senate reached an agreement on a $2 Trillion dollar stimulus plan.  The Coronavirus relief bill should be voted on later today, then move to the House of Representatives.  The $2 Trillion dollar package includes some $250 Billion for direct payments to most American adults of $1,200 each for those earning $75,000 or less.  Those earning up to $99,000 per year will get less.  A family of four should get about $3,400 in early April.  The bill stalled over the weekend when Senate Democrats tried to add other items into the package, such as $35 Million dollars for the Kennedy Center, tax rebates for wind and solar power, and other typical Liberal agenda stuff.  Nancy Pelosi then warned that she will put together an even worse bill in the House.  But public reaction to this nonsense seems to have had an affect.  


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NY Gov Coumo Greed, Stupidity

New York Governor Andrew Coumo is getting greedy for ventilators.  He wants the federal government to send all 20,000 from our national stockpile to his state immediately.  Forget the rest of the states whose governors are also begging for more of everything.  Coumo seems to think that only New York deserves to live and survive the Coronavirus pandemic.  FEMA has already tapped some 3,000 HHS ventilators from the emergency stockpile and shipped them to several states.  New York City, alone, got 400 of those, with 1,600 to the rest of the state.  An additional 2,000 will be going to NY today.  The Army Corps of Engineers has already deployed to New York State to repurpose four large buildings into make-shift hospitals.  The US Navy is also preparing to send one of its two hospital ships to NYC.  Some 600 military doctors, nurses and medical technicians are also deployed to NY state.  But Coumo is greedy for more.


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Pandemic Economics

The Senate failed to pass a Coronavirus relief bill last night.  Senate Democrats and Republicans are squabbling over details.  Somehow, the proposed $1.8 Trillion dollar plan has less economic relief than the $1.3 Trillion dollar package proposed by the Trump White House.  Over in the House, Nancy Pelosi vows to put forward her own version, further complicating and delaying assistance to the American People.  Some of the points being bickered over are the amount of direct payments to citizens to help them through the pandemic crisis.  Also, details like whether or not there will be one or two such payments, as well as whether support to corporations will allow to be used for stock buy-backs.  While this goes on, there is now much chatter about whether or not the Coronavirus response is doing more harm than good.  That the potential harm to our nation's economy is worse than the potential of 2 to 4 million dead Americans should restrictions on social gatherings be lifted.


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California Lockdown For Coronavirus

A California lockdown has been ordered by Governor Gavin Newsom.  Illinois and New York State have also ordered all non-essential employees to stay home effective Sunday at midnight.  These decisions come after the latest Coronavirus update news from Italy.  Over 600 people died in just the past 24 hours.  Spain and France are also showing dramatic increases in the numbers of infected and dead from the COVID-19 virus. Italy, which has about a tenth of the population of the United States, has now surpassed China, as far as we are told, in the number of deaths.  I put that caveat there because it is hard to say what has really happened in China.  What they have admitted to is pretty scary as it is!


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Donald Trump Wartime President

Donald Trump described himself as a "wartime president" as he announced invoking the Defense Production Act.  This will enable him to command private industry to manufacture strategic goods needed in the fight against them Coronavirus. As the nation's automakers close down automobile production, they are now looking into retooling to produce ventilators and other vital medical equipment and supplies.  The Act also gives Trump other powers to wave red tape and statutes to speed such production.  Trump has also directed the U.S. Navy to ready its two, large hospital ships, the Mercy and the Comfort.  Both vessels are 1,000 bed hospitals with full labs, operating rooms, etc.  There are also plans to convert cruise liners into medical facilities if necessary down the road.


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America Hunkers Down

As Monday, March 16 dawns, America is hunkering down.  Thousands of school districts, colleges and businesses are closing for the next few weeks.  Many will be closed for the next 2-4 weeks, others are already telling folks not to show up for 8 weeks.  A wave of panic buying has emptied store shelves, much like what happens when hurricanes approach a coastline.  During a press conference yesterday, President Trump informed the nation that he has been assured by the major retail stores and primary food supply chain companies, like Conagra and General Mills, that they will continue to provide products during this national emergency.  That there is no need to over-buy.  Later, principle department heads announced that high, through-put testing will in full swing this week across the country.  Some 2,000 private medical testing labs will be able to process coronavirus tests.


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Trump Declares National Emergency

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency this afternoon in response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.  Invoking the Stafford Act of 1988, the President is mobilizing a nationwide emergency, releasing at least $50 Billion dollars in FEMA funds to states and local governments.  The Trump administration is temporarily waving numerous federal regulations and guidelines, freeing hospitals to take whatever necessary steps to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak.  Trump has also ordered all state governments to activate emergency command centers and for hospitals to also activate existing emergency plans.  The White House is also coordinating with many private corporations to expedite testing equipment and methods.  Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and Target will allow for many of their locations to serve as 'drive-thru' testing sites.  Google is setting up a website for online screening to advise citizens if they need to be tested and where to go.  


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China Blames US For Coronavirus

A Chinese government official, Lijian Zhoa, of the Information Ministry, is blaming the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak on the United States.  On Thursday, Zhoa, the ministry's deputy director-general, is publicly claiming that the coronavirus outbreak was started by the U.S. Army as part of a germ warfare attack.  If this was not so serious, it would be laughable.  Meanwhile, our own Democrat politicians and their allies in the Fake News Media are having a  hissy-fit if anyone, particularly President Trump, refers to COVID-19 as the "Wuhan Virus" or a "foreign virus".  Apparently, doing so is racist and or xenophobic according to the white-knuckle crowd.  I suppose they never heard why Ebola, Zika or Rocky Mountain Fever are called what they are.  Diseases are often named after where they originated geographically.


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Trump Address On Coronavirus Pandemic

President Donald Trump gave an Oval Office address to the nation about the Coronavirus outbreak.  The World Health Organization, WHO, declared today that the COVID-19 outbreak is now designated as being a pandemic.  What this means is that WHO considers it very likely that nearly all countries will have at least one, confirmed case of the Coronavirus.  As of today, some 114 nations have at least one case.  Worldwide, over 118,000 cases have been confirmed, the majority, over 88,000, have been in China.  In the United States, we now have over 1,100 cases confirmed, and at least 31 have died.  To prevent a serious outbreak in the United States, President Trump will suspend all flights from continental Europe for 30 days starting Friday.  There will be exceptions if US-bound passengers have been thoroughly screened.  


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Angry Joe Biden Wins Michigan

Angry Joe Biden had a good evening last night.  He appears to have won 4 of the 6 election contests yesterday, including the 2020 Michigan primary.  Results are still coming in, but Bernie Sanders seems to have only won the North Dakota caucus and has a razor thin lead in Washington State.  While '7 Minute' Biden had a good night, he had a bad day Tuesday in Michigan.  While touring an auto factory, Biden exploded into a profane rage when questioned by an auto worker about the Second Amendment.  When a young Black woman staffer to Biden tried to intervene, Biden rudely dismissed her, saying, "Hush, Hush!"  Clearly a sign of racism and misogyny.  


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Book Review - The MAGA Doctrine

Is Charlie Kirk right?  Is "The MAGA Doctrine" "The Only Ideas That Will Win The Future"?  That is the premise of Kirk's new book, published by Broadside Books, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishing.  As the founder of Turning Point USA, Kirk has embraced President Donald Trump and his MAGA doctrine.  While both Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton used the phrase, "Make America Great Again" in speeches, Trump made MAGA his campaign slogan, then theme, and now, after being elected, a national doctrine.  The concept of MAGA has gone well beyond earlier populist protest movements, like the Tea Party movement.  Trump's MAGA movement is clearly blue-collar, small business oriented, based on restoring tried and true American values from small government, pro-growth, pro family, pro church, pro freedom and pro-individual.


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Brian Williams Math Failure

You've heard of fake news, how about fake math?  MSNBC host, Brian Williams, is a math failure.  As is New York Times reporter Mara Gay, and the production staff at MSNBC.  How else can you explain the HUGE math mistake?  Williams, an admitted liar, was discussing a tweet on Twitter with Ms. Gay Thursday night.  The tweet was from Merika Rivas, a fashion writer and editor for Refinery29 and a contributing writer for the Washington Post.  Ms. Rivas tweeted that the low-ball estimate of Mike Bloomberg spending some $500 Million dollars means that he could have given each of the 315 Million Americans the sum of $1 Million dollars.  Now, you would think that just looking at what Rivas wrote would have made her rethink her tweet.  Simple division would show that the actual amount spent per person was just one dollar and change.


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Warren Drops Out

Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the 2020 Democrat presidential race yesterday.  Unlike others who have suspended their campaign the last few days, Warren did not endorse anyone, yet.  Her decision to quit comes after a dismal showing on Super Tuesday.  While she did win about 60 delegates, Warren finished no better than 3rd in all the contests.  She even came in 3rd in her home state of Massachusetts.  Nor did she do well in her birth state of Oklahoma.  During her announcement, Warren was asked if she believed voters discriminated against her because she was a women.  However, in Massachusetts, it was Joe Biden who got the majority of the female vote.  So, if anyone was discriminating against Warren for being a woman, it was women themselves.


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Schumer Threatens Justices

Senator Chuck Schumer isn't satisfied threatening President Trump.  Now, Schumer is threatening Supreme Court Justices.  During a protest rally outside the nation's highest court, Schumer warned Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh if they rule against the challenge to the Louisiana abortion lawsuit.  The case involves a law passed requiring abortion clinic doctors to have admission rights to a hospital within 30 miles of their clinics.  The law is intended to provide for safety for patients in the event of complications during abortions.  One would think that this is a prudent precaution should something go wrong. But abortion clinic operators think otherwise.  They see it as an unnecessary burden and want the law stricken.  During his speech to the mob of pro-abortion protesters, Schumer warned Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, by name, that if they rule against clinic operators, "You will reap the whirlwind" and "You'll pay the price".  


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Super Tuesday Results

The 2020 Super Tuesday election results are coming in and it looks good for Joe Biden.  He won at least 9 of the 14 state primaries. Bernie Sanders won 4 states and Maine is still too close to call.  Perhaps the big surprise of the night was Biden doing well enough to probably winning Texas and a majority of its 228 delegates.  Polls had Bernie out front by about 10 points before the weekend.  About 83% of the votes are tallied in Texas and Biden has a slim, 3.5 point lead.  Biden is ahead in Maine, but only by about 0.8%.  Barely half of the votes in California are counted and Bernie is up about 10 points over Biden.  The Golden State has 415 delegates, about 30% of all delegates up last night.  Liz Warren had a rough night, finishing 3rd or 4th in every state, including her home state of Massachusetts.  Mini Mike Bloomberg proved that money can't buy love.  After spending more than $600 Million dollars, he so far has only 50 delegates which he won last night.  


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Biden Wins SC, Steyer Quits

As expected, Joe Biden won the 2020 South Carolina primary.  The results gave Biden a clear win over Bernie Sanders, who finished second with about 19% of the vote, compared to Biden getting over 48%.  Tom Steyer finished 3rd with about 11%, not enough to earn any of the Palmetto State's 54 delegates.  Steyer spent some $7 Million dollars in South Carolina, more than the other ballot candidates combined.  The California Billionaire decided to drop out after the bad news.  South Carolina was Joe Biden's first primary win after 28 years and 3 tries to run for president.  It was his first finish better than 3rd place.  But victory may be short lived as Super Tuesday is just less than 72 hours away.  


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