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Democrat Impeachment Vote Halloween Trick

The House Democrats are playing a Halloween trick on the American people today.  They will be voting on the impeachment resolution, laying out the procedure for the inquiry.  Any hope that this inquiry would be a fair and objective one were dashed when the text of the resolution were made public late Tuesday.  While it does authorize the House Judiciary Committee to begin holding hearings, some in public, the resolution still allows Adam Schiff to hold his secret hearings in the House Intelligence Committee.  Also, House Republicans will be severely restricted in participating.  Any witnesses they want to subpoena must be approved of by  committee chairs, and any questions asked of any witnesses are subject to the whims of the two committee chairs.  Nagler and Schiff will also be able to limit questions posed to witnesses by President Trump's lawyers.  Nancy Pelosi is fooling the American people, tricking them into thinking that this inquiry is legitimate or honest.

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Pelosi Sets House Impeachment Vote

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has scheduled a vote on Thursday in the House of Representatives on officially launching an impeachment inquiry.  If the vote passes, then the House Judiciary Committee will take over the investigation against President Donald Trump.  Furthermore, the vote would open the door to allowing House Republicans to have the same power as Democrats in issuing subpoenas and questioning witnesses.  Something that Pelosi and Adam Schiff have been trying to avoid.  An official inquiry would also allow President Trump to have his own lawyers involved in the process, as well. However, one should keep in mind that the vote would be politically motivated.  About 40 House Democrats are from Congressional districts which President Trump carried easily in 2016.  Since he took office, House Democrats have already had 3 votes on starting impeachment investigations, all of those failed.  The last was in July when the focus was on alleged obstruction of justice stemming from the so-called Mueller Report.  Those Democrats in Trump-won districts rejected the investigation.

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Al-Baghdadi Killed

The world's most wanted terrorist, ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, was killed Saturday night.  A force of US Rangers and Delta Force troopers flew to a stronghold in northwestern Syria from Iraq. The mission began about 5pm EDT, Eastern US time.  Our forces assaulted the ISIS compound, located about 3 miles south of Syria's border with Turkey with thunderclap surprise.  In true Bronze Age mentality, President Donald Trump described the death of Baghdadi as, "He died like a dog.  He died like a coward."  Trump went on to detail how Al-Baghdadi was, "crying..., screaming..., whimpering" as he fled into a tunnel with 3 of his children to use as human shields.  Baghdadi eventually blew himself, and his children, up with a suicide bomb vest as US Army canine troopers pursued him down the tunnel.  One dog was injured as a result, but the U.S. forces suffered no other casalties during the mission.

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Russia Probe Goes Criminal

Big news in the DOJ review of how the whole Russia probe started. Federal prosecutor John Durham is turning the review into a genuine criminal investigation.  Rumors abound that former CIA boss John Brennan and former DNI director James Clapper may be among those being investigated.  Both played pivotal roles in the origins of the phony Trump-Russia collusion allegations.  We also have word from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz that his review of potential abuse of the FISA courts may be concluded soon.

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Hillary vs Tulsi

The on-going feud between Hillary Clinton annd Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard {D-HI} continues with more rumors of Hillary jumping into the 2020 presidential campaign. Also, yesterday, Gabbard posted another video on-line attacking Cinton's legacy of failed foriegn policy decisions.  While the feud began in 2016 when Gabbard endorsed Bernie Sanders, this new round of catfighting started when Hillary accused Tulsi of being a Russian asset.  Hillary had made another flight over the cuckoo's nest claiming that Jill Stein was a Russian asset in 2016, groomed by them to run as a third-party candidate, costing Hillary the votes to lose several states to Donald Trump. Now, Hillary claims that the Russians are grooming Tulsi Gabbard to make a third-party run in 2020, and potentially aiding President Trump in winning reelection.


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