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Trump SOTU 2018 Address, Positive, Unifying

At some 81 minutes, the 2018 State of the Union address by President Donald Trump was the third longest SOTU speech in history. Part of the reason was that he was interrupted by applause some 111 times. About 70 of those were standing ovations! The theme last night was that America is strong, proud and safe again. He began by praising heroes, something he did throughout the evening. First was a woman from the Coast Guard who rescued some 40 people in Texas during the first 18 hours of Hurricane Harvey. President Trump praised many heroes who endured disasters, demonstrating strength, unity and assisting their fellow citizens. The theme apparently worked as a CBS-YouGo poll showed 75% liking the speech and 81% feeling optimistic and unified.



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McCabe Out At FBI, FISA Memo To Be Released

Andrew McCabe has a new title. He is now the FORMER Deputy Director of the FBI. McCabe got the boot Monday after FBI Director Christopher Wray visited Capitol Hill on Sunday and read the 4-page FISA memo. Wray may have also chatted the situation with DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, too. The New York Times is reporting the Horowitz may have told Wray that McCabe might be a subject of one or more criminal probes. Speaking of that FISA memo, the House Intelligence Committee voted to release it along party lines. The Democrat counter-memo did not pass the mustard for now. Under House rules, President Donald Trump has 5 days to review the memo, but many suspect that he will okay its release, perhaps even today!



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College Snowflakes React To Trump SOTU Speech Before Given

I just love the group! They do great work in exposing much of the nonsense on today′s college campuses. Their latest video is a ′Snowflake-on-the-Street′ interviews with student at New York University, a.k.a. NYU. The subject was to get reactions from tomorrow′s leaders about the State of the Union address from President Donald Trump. Hmm, but wait! He didn′t give it yet! But the darling snowflakes didn′t know. They acted like they watched it the night before! Nice to see that all of that tuition money, upwards of $60,000 per year, isn′t being wasted! LOL!!!



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The Grammys 2018 Ratings Flop

The early ratings numbers are in and it looks like the Grammy Awards for 2018 was a ratings flop! CBS did not have much competition, either. Viewership was down some 20% from 2017, where Adele was up against the mid-season return of AMC′s ″The Walking Dead″. Last night′s show was highly political, with numerous cheap shots at President Donald Trump. Only one woman won an award and the big winner was Bruno Mars, who stayed clear from politics. But, all in all, the show was yet more proof that America has had its fill of idiot, over-paid entertainers preaching.



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Comey, McCabe FBI Text Messages Now Missing

Just what the hell is going on at the FBI? No sooner than the alleged missing FBI text messages of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are magically recovered in 30 minutes, we now learn that the texts of James Comey and Andrew McCabe are missing! Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton shared this gem of news last night on the Fox News show, ″Justice With Judge Jeanine Pirro″. A court order stemming from a lawsuit Judicial Watch launched against the FBI on behalf of a former supervisor has yet to be fulfilled. The judge presiding over the case issued the court order to the FBI to turn over documents last September. The FBI has provided some of the requested documents, but the text messages of former Director James Comey Jr and current Deputy Director Andrew McCabe are apparently missing. So says the FBI. They cannot find them!



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The X-Files, The Lost Art Of Forehead Sweat

The old comedy group, The Firesign Theater, once released an album entitled, ″Everything You Know Is Wrong″. Well, on the latest episode of ″The X-Files″, entitled ″The Lost Art Of Forehead Sweat″, we learn that such may be the case!! FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, or ′Skulls′, meet a man, Mr. Reggie ′Something′, who thinks his memories have been altered. Episode 11-04 deals with the phenomenon known as ′The Mandela Effect′, or is it ′The Mengele Effect′? Where you think you know something but it turns out not to be true. Reggie proves what is happening by reminding Fox and Dana of things from their childhood, which turn out not to be the case, sort of.



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Trump Immigration Plan, More Trump Fu

In yet another ′stable-genius′ move, President Donald Trump has done it again with his new immigration plan. The Shaolin Grand Master of Trump Fu out-performs the Democrats and Pro-Amnesty orgs by offering a pathway to citizenship, not to just 800,000 DACA immigrants, but to 1.8 Million! This is 36th Chamber of Shaolin Trump Fu material! In exchange, America gets $25 Billion in a trust fund to ′Build The Wall′, secure from the whims of future Congresses. President Trump also narrows future chain migration to just spouses and minor children, and only after the 4 million or so already ′in the system′, are dealt with. A process which could take as long as 17 years! The so-called ′Diversity Visa Lottery′ program is also eliminated, putting future immigration reduced and based purely on merit.



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Trump, Mueller Showdown Coming

The ′Fake News Media′ is getting mighty desperate! Now they are rehashing old ′fake news! Such as the New York Times story about President Donald Trump allegedly wanting to order Special Counsel Robert Mueller III to be fired. This ′story′ is a rehash from June of 2017. It was ′fake news′ then and its still ′fake news′ today! Yet, The Media is hyperventilating about it. CNN, MSNBC and the rest are giving it non-stop coverage for the past couple of days and are sure to keep on it all weekend long.



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Trump Love-Fest In Davos

Predictions that President Donald Trump would be jeered and abused by the Globalists assembled in Davos, Switzerland have been proven wrong. Attendees at the World Economic Forum have, instead, showered President Trump with love, affection and high praise! One reporter for NBC News described the scene as if our President were some sort of ″rock star″ as hundreds follow him around taking pictures with their smart phones. This very much irritated one MSNBC host who had hoped for protesters. There is no doubt that President Trump has far more fans at Davos than even Kim Kardashian!



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Trump Arrives At Davos

This morning, President Donald J. Trump arrives at Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. There, he will preach from his gospel of economic nationalism to political and business leaders. America first, but not alone. A simple message that redirects the course of history for many past decades. Under the leadership of President Trump, the United States has experienced an economic resurgence, unlike any ever seen before. Even Ronald Reagan had a rough first year in office as the nation needed time to unwind from the stagflation of the Carter Years. But President Trump took the bull by the horns immediately, negotiating deals with companies before being sworn into office. Bringing jobs back into America and instilling a new sense of optimism.



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Informant Talking On FBI Secret Society

Hold the presses! Breaking News! During an interview with Bret Baier on Fox News last night, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) let the cat out of the bag! Or should I say a fully-grown, Bengal Tiger! The Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee told the world that there is an informant talking about a secret society within the FBI and DOJ. Johnson told Baier that according to the informant, at least one meeting was held ″off site″, meaning not at any official FBI or DOJ office. This shocking revelation came up during a question about the reportedly missing 5 months of text messages between FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Johnson said he had received a letter from the Justice Department Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, assuring Johnson that Horowitz had all text messages straight through from mid 2015 till late June 2017.

UPDATE 1/25/2018:  During an interview of "America's Newsroom" Wednesday morning on Fox News, Sen. Ron Johnson said that the informant has been talking with his committee.



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Oops, 5 Months Of FBI Text Messages Missing

Here′s a hot story! Seems that the FBI lost some 5 months worth of text messages between Special Agent Peter Strzok and his mistress, Lisa Page. She worked as legal advisor to Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. The 5 months begin on December 17, 2016, just two days after Barack Obama made it official that the Trump campaign and transition teams were being investigated for alleged collusion with the Russians. The ′gap′ ends on May 17, 2017, just one day after Robert Mueller is appointed Special Counsel, and Peter Strzok goes to work under him. Attorney General Jeff Sessions also has announced that some 50,000 text messages have been uncovered, not just 10,000, between Strzok and Page during the 2-year period beginning with the Hillary Clinton email probe, which Strzok led as lead investigator.



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Schumer Caves, Shutdown Ends

The government shutdown of 2018 ended Monday after Chuck Schumer caves to popular pressure. Reports are that about 20 Senate Democrats were ready to bolt, fearing voter angst. Polls were showing that not only was the public very opposed to the shutdown, but were also against amnesty for DACA immigrants and supportive of the agenda of President Trump. About 54% want ′The Wall′ built and other issues like ending chain migration and the diversity visa lottery program ranged from the mid 60% range to low 70%. Around 71% even want the numbers reduced on legal immigration from current levels. In short, Schumer and the extreme Left miscalculated, both on who would get blamed for the shutdown and on the sentiments of the voters.


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Government Shutdown 2018 Poster Wars

On Saturday, Government Shutdown 2018 took a left turn into the Silly Zone over some posters. Back on Friday, as Senate Democrats threatened to filibuster and block the continuing resolution vote, the Trump White House branded it as the #SchumerShutdown. Immediately, social media erupted and the hash-tag quickly began trending. So much so that the Democrats hope that the Republicans would get blamed for the shutdown evaporated into thin air. Polling was done and the results were in, even the Liberal news media had to admit that Government Shutdown 2018 was the fault of the Democratic Party.



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Trump First Year Anniversary, America Winning

One year ago today, Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America! Ever since he was elected, our economy has taken off like a rocket! And not one built by North Korea. Since November 8, the Dow Jones has set new highs 96, that′s NINETY-SIX, times! About a new, record high every 3 or 4 trading days. Overall, since January 20, 2017, the stock markets have increased about 31%, the second most in a presidential first year since FDR. Some $7 TRILLION dollars of equity have been added to our national wealth. Some 60 Million American workers with 401K retirement plans have seen an increase of over 25% this past year. Unemployment is at record lows since after WW2, manufacturing has had its best year in two decades, consumer confidence is also very strong and optimistic. Let us not forget the largest tax cuts and reforms in 30 years! The good news doesn′t end just with the economy.


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Schumer Shutdown, Dems Get Blamed

Talk about political miscalculations! Even the Liberal news media has failed to prevent the Democratic Party from being blamed for Government Shutdown 2018. Ever since Friday when Dick Mulvaney uttered the phrase, ″Schumer Shutdown″ to the White House Press Corps, Senate Democrats have been painted into a corner. I have no doubt that President Donald Trump, the master of branding, coined the tag-line. #SchumerShutdown has been trending big-time on Twitter and other social media. Even a CNN poll shows Democrats being blamed more than President Trump or Republicans.



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Memo May Show FBI, DOJ FISA Abuse

Yesterday, the House Intelligence Committee allowed all members of Congress to read a 4-page memo summarizing a cache of documents obtained from the Department of Justice. These were FBI and DOJ files which the Intel Committee had issued subpoenas for last summer. Last week Friday, the DOJ finally turned them over after much pressure. The contents of this memo are classified, however, a number of Republican Congressmen, such as Rep. Mark Gaetz (R-FL), are talking. Gaetz and others say that what they read shocked them and they are demanding that the memo and files be made public. The gist of the memo is that it ′names names′ and outlines how a group of FBI and DOJ officials have abused, and are still abusing, the FISA court in order to spy and undermine the election and administration of President Donald Trump.


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Paul Krugman Wins Trump Fake News Awards

Pseudo-Economist and New York Times contributor Paul ′Enron′ Krugman won 1st Place in the first Fake News Awards by President Donald Trump. Eleven awards were announced last night by the President, crashing the website as people scrambled for the results. The NY Times won 2 spots on the list with Krugman taking Number One for his 2016 election prediction. Krugman believed that had then Candidate Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, the stock markets would crash and NEVER recover! How fitting that he won the Fake News Award contest the very day the Dow Jones finished over 26,000 for the first time. Also breaking another record for the fastest 1,000-point gain in just 8 trading days! The gain from 24,000 to 25,000 had also broken the previous record by increasing in just 23 days.



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Doctor Says Trump Fit For Duty

White House physician, Rear-Admiral Ronny Jackson reported yesterday that President Donald J. Trump is, ″Fit for duty″! Yes, our 71 year-old POTUS is A-OK! His cholesterol level is a tad high as is his weight, 239 pounds. But given his age and height, about 6-foot, 3 inches, he is in remarkably good shape. Dr. Jackson told the White House Press Corps that he has no doubts about President Trump being able to serve not just one term in office, but even two! At the President′s request, Dr. Jackson also gave POTUS the Montreal Cognitive Test, to which President Trump passed with a perfect score of 30-for-30. Thus laying aside any silly talk about him having dementia or other mental problems.



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Michigan Meteor Rattles Windows, Public

So there I was last night, sitting in my living room, watching TV. It was just after 8pm EDT and I had just switched channels from the Fox Business Network to the Fox News Channel. Since Lisa Kennedy Montgomery was wearing some sort of red pant suit and not showing any leg, I decided to see what Tucker Carlson was up to. He had on some Left-Wing, Pro-Immigration-Amnesty fool. Suddenly, I heard a rather loud noise, as if somebody had thrown something at my house! A hard thing to do given the big evergreen directly in front. Thinking that somebody might be on my front porch, I grabbed both my pistol and my sword. But before I could reach the front door, there was yet another very loud noise, rattling the windows! I opened the door and saw nothing despite the outdoor lighting.



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