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Librarian Calls Dr. Seuss A Racist

Who would have thought that the ″The Cat In The Hat″ by Dr. Seuss conjures up images of black-faced minstrel acts from Old Vaudeville days? Librarian Liz Phipps Soeiro of Cambridge, Massachusetts does! She even said as much in a letter to First Lady Melania Trump after the First Lady donated children books to libraries across America. Oddly enough, Ms. Soeiro, if that really is her name, actually dressed up like the character back in 2015 as seen in the photo below. But the librarian is not the only one who thinks that Dr. Seuss is a racist. Turns out that there are a number of books and articles on the subject, including whole websites and blogs dealing with librarians promoting social justice issues. So what is all the hub-bub about?



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Trump Waves Jones Act For Puerto Rico

President Donald J. Trump has issued a 10-day waiver on the Jones Act for Puerto Rico relief efforts. The 1920 maritime law prohibits foreign-flagged ships from transporting goods from one U.S. port to another U.S. port. After being devastated by both Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the U.S. island territory is in terrible shape. The Port of San Juan, pictured below, is open and functioning. However, some 9,500 cargo containers are piling up due to several problems. Aside from many roads still being blocked or damaged, only one-fifth of truck drivers in Puerto Rico have returned to work. In addition, diesel fuel is in short supply, making delivering supplies difficult.



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AP Reports, Wisconsin Election Not Hacked By Russia

The conspiracy theorists over at CNN and MSNBC, like Rachel Maddow, must be having a cow right about now! Last week, they and the rest of the Fake News Media went ′Ga-Ga′ over a story which claimed that some 21 states, including Wisconsin, had their election systems hacked by Russia. The story stemmed from a report from the Department of Homeland Security. However, the Associated Press is now reporting that the Wisconsin state election officials are saying that they were not hacked. Oh-Oh! Somebody has egg on their face now!



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FBI Reports Violent Crime Up 2016

While the latest FBI crime statistics show that violent crime increased in 2016, incidents of police shooting Blacks was down considerably, from 259 in 2015 to 233 in 2016. About 71% of such cases showed that those shot by police were carrying a weapon of some sort. This flies in the face of the protests by NFL players and Black Lives Matter. By the way, far more Whites were shot by police, as usual. Meanwhile, homicides among Blacks increased from 7,039 in 2015 to 7881 in 2016. Murders in major cities like Chicago, Atlanta and Baltimore account for much of this increase.


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Bill O'Reilly Visits Sean Hannity On Fox News

The former king of prime-time cable news, Bill O′Reilly, returned to Fox News last night as a guest with Sean Hannity. Hannity began his new time slot at 9pm Eastern on Monday interviewing Steve Bannon, smashing Rachel Maddow of MSNBC by more than 660,000 viewers, grabbing the Number One position in TV ratings away from her. Bill O′Reilly appeared on Tuesday night, pushing his new book, ″Killing England″ about the American Revolutionary War. Bill and Sean covered a wide range of topics, including the NFL-National Anthem issue, as well as the extreme Liberal bias of The Media.


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Judge Roy Moore Wins Alabama Senate Run Off

Judge Roy Moore soundly defeated incumbent U.S. Senator Luther Strange in the Alabama senate run off election. Moore beat Strange by nearly 10 points and some 44,000 votes. This, despite a major effort by the GOP Establishment to get Strange reelected. While the Fake News Media calls this upset a rebuke against President Donald Trump, it is actually a rebuke against Mitch McConnell and Republican hacks like Karl Rove. Some $30 Million dollars was poured into the reelection effort for Strange, while only about $2 Million dollars was spent for electing Moore. The Judge was supported by the likes of Steve Bannon and Sarah Palin. While President Trump officially backed Strange, even at a campaign rally last Friday, Trump hinted that Moore was ″okay″, too. This election was actually a ′No-Lose′ proposition for Trump in the long run.



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Rush Limbaugh Joins NFL Boycott

The king of Conservative talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, began his program yesterday with a startling admission. For the first time in his life, Rush chose not to watch any of the NFL games on TV Sunday. Not even his favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, who played against the Chicago Bears. For some 26 years, Rush Limbaugh has dominated talk radio. He practically invented it, or, at least, fueled it to become a major force in American culture. During football season, Rush would often wax about ′The Game′, including his observations of what he watched over the weekend. On Fridays, he usually made his ′Politically-Correct-Wacko-Predictions′ were always amusing. However, this whole ′Take-A-Knee′ thing protesting against America during the National Anthem has soured ′The Game′ for Rush Limbaugh, along with millions of other football fans.



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Fans Boo NFL Players Taking Knee During Anthem

Some 200 NFL players took a knee during the National Anthem on Sunday, earning a chorus of boos from fans. Prompted by President Donald Trump during a speech he gave in Huntsville, Alabama, the matter of showing the anthem and the flag respect dominated the news. The Pittsburgh Steelers, except for one player, an Army Ranger veteran, cowered in their locker room during the anthem. Owners of NFL teams were upset by the remarks made by President Trump, who had suggested that owners either penalize or fire players who take a knee. Public reaction is divided largely on party lines. But, clearly, a majority of fans were annoyed by the spoiled millionaires turning the sport into a political issue.



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Pope Francis Accused Of Promoting Heresy

A group of 62 Catholic clergy and scholars are accusing Pope Francis of propagating hersey. The 25-page document, known as a Correctio Filialis, or Filial Correction, details 7 reasons why the Pontiff may be in error for his statements about marriage, the sacraments and on how to live a moral life in general. The last time such a document was written to a Pope was in 1333 against Pope John XXII. So it is not exactly a common occurrence. While the group is not questioning the Pope′s infalibility, they do question positions he has taken. The focus of their argument resides in the passages of the Amoris Laetitia issued by Pope Francis in 2016. The group claims that in this proclamation, the Pope ″wishes Catholics to interpret these passages in a way that is, in fact, heretical.″



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Lawrence O'Donnell Meltdown Video

MSNBC host Lawrence O′Donnell had a meltdown on August 29. While recording his show, he went into a wild, angry rage at his production staff. Apparently, there were numerous technical issues causing noises in his earpiece. While this tantrum was edited from being aired, the website Mediate got a hold of a copy of the outtakes. For over 8 minutes, O′Donnell stormed about and cursed his coworkers with foul, abusive language. Larry O is among those Fake News 'journalists' who are always bitching about how President Donald Trump is 'unhinged'.  Look who is unhinged now!  Yet another example of how crazy the Far Left journalists are in this Age of Fake News.



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David Meade Says Doomsday Begins September 23

Will a constellation appear in the skies above Jerusalem on September 23, heralding the coming Doomsday? That is what David Meade, a ′special investigator′ claims. The prediction was posted on Meade′s website, PlanetX. He tells the tale of how after this Saturday′s celestial event occurs, the Earth will begin the 7 years of Tribulation starting in October. By the end of this year, we will have numerous storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Eventually, the Earth will be smashed by a rogue planet named Nibiru. Of course, NASA has debunked the whole prediction. What else did you expect them to do?



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Paul Manafort Wiretapped, Trump Was Right Again

CNN reported the other day that Paul Manafort was being wiretapped by the FBI and Department of Justice both before and after his stint was a campaign manager for Donald Trump. Two FISA Court warrants were used to conduct surveillance on Manafort, possibly including his apartment/office at Trump Tower in New York. So, once again, we may have more proof that President Donald Trump was right when he tweeted on Twitter about Barack Obama spying on him. The President originally tweeted after stories were published by both the New York Times back in January and another story from in March. The immediate reaction by most of the news media, as well as by many members of Congress, including Paul Ryan, was to dismiss this allegation. Many in The Media, including Shep Smith at Fox News, called the President a liar.



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Trump Lectures UN On Principled Realism

President Donald J. Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly for the first time this morning. His speech slammed rogue states like North Korea, Iran, Syria and Venezuela. He even fired a shot at Russia for meddling with Ukraine and China for its aggressive actions in the Western Pacific. President Trump also was critical of the UN and its failings towards making the world a better place. He then lectured the UN on the concept of ′principled realism′, where decisions are made not based on ideology but on outcome. The President assured the audience that America will always be a great friend to the world, but that they should not expect to get away with unfair advantages any longer.



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Sean Spicer Wrong, 2017 Emmy Awards Worst Ratings Ever

Hard to say if this is a case of ′How the mighty have fallen″ or ″how low will you go for your 30 pieces of silver″? Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer humiliated himself for a paycheck at the 2017 Emmy Awards. The 69th edition of the show had its worst TV ratings ever. Spicer appeared on stage after host Stephen Colbert asked what the ratings for the Emmys would be, since ratings matter to President Donald Trump. Spicer entered the stage with a podium and declared that the ratings would be the best ever. But, in fact, the ratings were awful. By some estimates the worst ever, or, at best, the second worst.



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Marseille Acid Attack On 4 American Tourists

Following the London ′Tube′ bombing by terrorists in the UK, 4 young American women in their 20s have been attacked in France today. A 41 year-old woman was arrested in Marseille after attacking the 4 American tourists with acid. The incident took place at the Saint Charles train station. All 4 victims have been taken to the hospital, two of them in a state of shock, the other two with facial burns from the acid. Police are releasing few details as of yet. Marseille is a port city in southern France, not all that far from Barcelona, Spain, site of an earlier series of terrorist attacks.



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Hillary Clinton, More Email, Benghazi Trouble

While Hillary Clinton tours the country pushing her new book, ″What Happened″, more evidence of what really happened during term as Secretary of State is being learned. Thanks to a Freedom of Information request by Judicial Watch, the State Department released some 1,600 more emails from Hillary. These were apparently still on Huma Abebin′s email account. The emails include more examples of the mishandling of classified material, as well as some ′pay-for-play′ corruption. One email details how Hillary granted a Russian company some special visas and permit waivers. The company then made a donation of some $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation.



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Thomas Jefferson Statue Covered

On Tuesday night, a group of 100 people including Black Lives Matter gathered in front of the Rotunda at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. The Thomas Jefferson statue was covered by the group with a black shroud. A number of signs were placed on and around the statue, including one accusing Jefferson as being a racist and a rapist. The shroud was removed later and the president of UVA, Teresa A. Sullivan, issued a statement that the school opposes the covering of the school′s founder. Yes, Thomas Jefferson founded UVA, as well as helping found the United States of America.



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Mitch McConnell Dino-Sour On Tax Reform

While President Donald Trump wants tax reform this year, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is in no hurry. The reigning ′Dino-Sour′ in the Senate is talking about holding off on any tax cuts or reform until next year. Many wish that McConnell would take an early retirement and go home. Meanwhile, President Trump will begin a 7-week blitz of 13 states to push for his agenda. He has been holding meetings and even dinners with members of both political parties to get the ball rolling on tax cuts and reform. Can America′s deal maker get the job done?



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Hillary Clinton Book Bombs 1st Day

The new book by Hillary Clinton, ″What Happened″, must have bombed already on its 1st day on sale. Amazon sliced the $32 price by 40%, knocking it down to just under $18. I guess that pre-release sales must have sucked! Well, we sort of expected this, seeing as how her previous books sold poorly. None have sold more than 20,000 copies. This latest book covers her 2016 presidential campaign. Allegedly in her own words, the book is supposed to explain why she lost. However, judging from earlier interviews and speeches she has given since the election, Hillary′s new book should probably be listed as a work of fiction.



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Hurricane Irma Now A Tropical Storm

It′s official! The National Hurricane Center as of 8am EDT this morning has downgraded Hurricane Irma to a tropical storm. Located at the time about 30 miles NNE of Cedar Key, Florida, Irma now has sustained winds of ONLY 70MPH. So, it is still a major storm which will caused much damage as it continues to move NNW at 18MPH. After making landfall near Naples, Florida yesterday afternoon as a Category 3 storm, Irma surprised the meteorologists. Actually, it started surprising them earlier the night before. While raking the northern coast of Cuba, Irma kept going west much longer than the computer models predicted. Thus, Miami was spared a direct hit.



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