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Trump Tax Reform Speech

″I don′t want to be disappointed by Congress, do you understand me?″ That was one of the great lines from the President Donald Trump tax reform speech yesterday. He spoke to a crowd in Springfield. Missouri about tax cuts and simplifying the tax code. The President began by praising all of those in Texas responding to the natural disaster caused bu once Hurricane Harvey. He then expressed his ′empathy′ with the victims of the storm, promising them that his administration stands with them for the long haul in recovery. But, most of the speech dealt with tax relief for the Middle Class, boosting the economy and making America great again for business.



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Trump Texas Visit, Harvey Update

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump went to Texas yesterday to visit with those managing the response to Hurricane Harvey. Now a tropical storm, Harvey has set records for most rainfall in Texas with about 52 inches in some locations. The President and his wife arrived first in Corpus Christi, about 30 miles south from where Harvey came ashore last Friday. They then went to Austin, the state capitol. At both stops, POTUS and FLOTUS were briefed by federal, state and local officials as to how the relief effort is going and what more is needed. Before leaving for Austin, the President gave a quick speech at a fire station in Corpus Christi, waving a state flag of Texas and providing words of encouragement.



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Dear AntiFa, Go To Venezuela

I have a message for the membership of AntiFa, GO TO VENEZUELA! If you guys are really all about fighting Fascism, then that is where the action, or Aktion, is. Even a recent documentary aired by Vice TV shows just how bad things are in Venezuela. Under Nicolas Maduro and his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, the bare necessities like food, milk and toilet paper are in short supply. They have turned a once prosperous nation into a Marxist, dictatorship hell-hole. AntiFa claims they not only oppose Fascism, but also police brutality, too. There is plenty of police brutality in Venezuela to demonstrate against. Of course, AntiFa is a Marxist-Communist group, so they ought to fit right in with the Maduro government. Who knows, maybe he′ll them them their very own water cannon to hose down people seeking justice and democracy with?



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Game Of Thrones Season 7 Finale

WOW! Last night′s Season 7 finale of ′Game of Thrones′ on HBO was spectacular! The episode was entitled, ″The Dragon and the Wolf″, in reference to Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, considered part of the House of Stark. This was a short short season, only 7 episodes long instead of the usual 10. But there was little disappointment. The show′s producers, writers, artists and cast delivered. Nearly every episode had some major battle scene. The CGI work was incredible and the plots were crisp. Almost as crisp as some of the characters after being burnt alive by dragons! So, without further ado, let me write those immortal words..., SPOILER ALERT!



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Disaster As Houston Floods

The City of Houston, Texas is facing disaster as it floods. Tropical Storm Harvey is still causing problems days after being a Category 4 hurricane. Harvey has dumped some 11 TRILLION gallons of water in just the past 3 days! Enough water to coat the entire continental 48 states. And Harvey is far from over as a rain maker. Texas and Louisiana can expect rain from Harvey through the weekend. There is growing criticism against Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner who had advised citizens to shelter in place rather than evacuate. Texas Governor Greg Abbott recommended last Thursday that everyone in Hurricane Harvey′s path evacuate. But few did from Houston and Harris County. Now, the area faces a crisis.



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President Donald Trump Pardons Joe Arpaio

President Donald Trump has issued a pardon for former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. The President had been promising to do so earlier this week. Sheriff Joe was the target a of witch hunt by the Barack Obama Justice Department for the past few years. He was later convicted of criminal contempt when Arpaio disobeyed a court order to stop arresting illegal immigrants who had not committed any additional crimes. But Sheriff Joe considered such immigrants as criminals due to their crossing the border and entering our country illegally. So he arrested them anyway. The Liberal-Democrat mayor of Phoenix said of the pardon that President Trump has slapped the faces of citizens of Maricopa County.



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Hurricane Harvey Slams Texas

Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas as a Category 4 storm last night. It made landfall near Rockport around 10pm Central Time, packing sustained winds of 130 MPH with gusts over 160 MPH. Earlier in the day, the mayor of Rockport had warned those residents whom did not comply with the mandatory evacuation order to write their name and Social Security number on their arms for later identification. Now THAT is COLD! President Donald Trump has already declared Texas a federal disaster zone, expediting aid to the state. Currently, Hurricane Harvey is around Victoria, Texas and has been downgraded to a Category 1 storm. Rain and flooding remain the primary issues. With the ground so soaked, even winds of 40 MPH or less may be enough to uproot trees, causing serious property damage.



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Preparing For Hurricane Harvey

Texas is bracing itself from Hurricane Harvey. This may be the first major storm in 2017 to hit the United States this season. America has not had a Category 3 or worse storm in a dozen years since Wilma. The latest advisory information is that Hurricane Harvey is at a Cat 2 level with sustained wind speeds of 105MPH and gusts of 130MPH. It is expected to intensify over the next 12 to 24 hours into a Cat 3 storm before slamming into coast, probably between the mouth of the Rio Grande to Port Mansfield, Texas. Aside from the wind and storm surge, major flooding may occur due to a prolonged period of heavy rain. Some areas of Eastern Texas could get 35 inches or more of rain over the next 3 days.



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The Case Against Jeff Flake

What goes on in Arizona? How can a state which gave us Senator Barry Goldwater stick us with two baboons, John McCain and Jeff Flake? Has Arizona adopted the RINO as the state animal? Seriously, they can do better. Hopefully, they will in 2018 by retiring Jeff Flake and replacing him with somebody who will actually work with President Donald Trump instead of writing hate-books about him. Did Jeff Flake really think he would get away with that?



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ESPN Robert Lee Pulled, Political Correctness Police

ESPN has been having trouble lately with the Political Correctness Police. Last week they held a fantasy football player auction which resembled a slave auction. Now they are bowing before the PC cops as ESPN pulls Robert Lee from doing the play-by-play for an upcoming football game featuring the University of Virginia. After the protest about the General Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, it just seemed too much. ESPN is not alone in bending their knee to the forces of Political Correctness. The University of Southern California is looking to change the name of the white horse which the team′s ′mascot′ Trojan rides from Traveler, the same name as General Lee′s horse.



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Media Reaction To Trump Phoenix Rally

What can I say? The reaction to the President Donald Trump Phoenix rally by the Fake News Media was as expected. Most panned the speech, upset that he spent much his the time bashing them for their coverage of the Charlottesville response. President Trump felt he had to address it, as it is what most of The Media has been talking about for over a week now. Forget that the economy is doing great or that North Korea blinked and backed down from threatening us. The Fake News Media continues to lie about how President Trump responded to Charlottesville.



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Trump Afghanistan Speech Unveils New Strategy

President Donald J. Trump gave a 30-minute Afghanistan speech last night from Fort Myers. Addressing the nation, and an audience of military personnel, the President explained his plans for fighting terrorism in South Asia. For 16 years, the United States and many of our allies, have been battling terrorists in Afghanistan, making it the longest war in U.S. history. Shortly after taking office, President Trump directed the Defense Department and other agencies to review our strategy. Last night, he reported the results.



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Confederate Monument In Indiana Vandalized

Another Confederate monument was vandalized this weekend, this time near Indianapolis, Indiana. Police arrested a man who painted a symbol of Communism, a hammer and sickle, on a monument memorializing some 1,600 Confederate soldiers who died as prisoners of war at a Union camp outside of the city. Last week, even a large bust of Abraham Lincoln was vandalized as he is now considered to be a racist by some. More and more politicians are calling for all such statues and monuments to be removed from public display as this latest anti-history frenzy builds momentum. One has to wonder if this policy will include monuments to Black Confederate soldiers, like the one in Vicksburg pictured below, as well?



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Trump Thanks Bannon For Service

On Saturday, President Donald J. Trump thanked Stephen K. Bannon for his service to his campaign and administration. Bannon submitted his resignation as White House Chief Strategist on August 7, giving the new Chief of Staff, John Kelly a ′blank slate′ to work from. Steve Bannon had always intended to leave the White House between Labor Day and the end of the year. He returned immediately to Breitbart News, from where he vows to go to war against those who oppose President Trump.



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40,000 Protest Free Speech In Boston

On Saturday, some 40,000 people took to the streets to protest against free speech in Boston. A Conservative group, not affiliated with any ′Hate′ group like The Klan, etc, held a rally at the Boston Commons to defend our First Amendment, as well as our national heritage. About 100 people showed up to support the Freedom of Speech. The rest of the 40,000 showed up to protest against them. Far-Left hate groups like Antifa and the Workers World Party scuffled with the Boston police, shouting abusive, hate language at them and throwing bricks, bottles, urine and feces at police officers. Some 33 protesters were arrested. About 500 police were at hand to maintain peace and order during the rally and protests.



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Barcelona Terror Attack

At least 14 people were murdered and over 100 injured during a terrorist attack Thursday afternoon in Barcelona, Spain. The Islamic State, or ISIS, has claimed responsibility. A white, rental cargo van was used to mow down pedestrians along the Las Rambla avenue, a popular tourist location. The driver escaped and a manhunt is underway for his arrest. Prior to this, a house exploded in Alnacar on Wednesday evening, about 70 miles away, where one body was found. Also in the rubble were evidence of some 30 gas canisters used for storing butane and propane. Spanish authorities suspect that the house was being used to make bombs for the Barcelona attack. After the attack in Barcelona, over night in the town of Cambrils, 5 men wearing fake suicide vests drove a car towards a crowd, crashing it into a police vehicle. All 5 men were killed by police.



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FNC Host Eboni K. Williams Criticizes Trump, Receives Death Threats

Fox News Channel host Eboni K. Williams has been receiving death threats after she criticizes President Donald Trump′s statements about Charlottesville. This is STUPID!!! If you don′t like what she said then do what I do, stop watching the damn show! Tank their ratings! Frankly, I could barely stand watching ″The Specialists″ at 5pm Eastern as it was, even back when Eric Bolling was on. Every time Katherine ′Kat′ Timpf would open her idiotic mouth, I′d turn to something more worthwhile, like ″Gourmet Holiday″ on QVC. Timpf is almost as big a fool as Dana PeRINO and Greg ′Cuck-feld′. I heard the other day that Timpf almost cried after hearing President Trump′s press remarks on Tuesday, but didn′t because she had on too much make-up. Oh-Boo-Hoo!



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Trump Talks Infrastructure, Educates Media

I have to say the past dozen or so hours have been amusing. Yesterday afternoon, President Donald J. Trump unveiled his latest executive action to streamline infrastructure projects. Showing a flow chart, he demonstrated how projects had to go through a complicated and lengthy process to get approval. Sometimes taking 25, even 50 years! Under his new plan, such projects to build and repair roads, bridges, etc, will be able to petition for permits in 2 years or less. A great day for America! However, the Fake News Media had only one subject they wanted to question him about, his comments about the violence in Charlottesville last Saturday. President Trump was not only undeterred, but aggressively lectured The Media on the subject.



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Violent Protesters Bring Down Confederate Statue

In Durham, North Carolina, protesters pulled down a statue honoring Confederate soldiers which has been in front of a courthouse since 1924. This was just one of many violent protests which took place across the nation yesterday in response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend. President Donald Trump spoke on the incident yesterday, again condemning bigotry, racism, hatred and violence by any group. He went on to specifically naming Neo-Nazis, the KKK and White Supremacists. Even with that, the Fake News Media was still not satisfied, and neither were other hate groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the Workers Party. Demonstrations were held in several cities, like Atlanta, Seattle and Chicago. In New York City, crowds gathered outside of Trump Tower both opposing and supporting President Trump, who returned there last night.



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North Korea Blinks, Trump Wins Again

Tired of Winning? President Donald J. Trump isn′t! His tough talk on North Korea has paid off. Their ′Dear Leader′, Kim Jong Un, has blinked and backed down on his threat to launch missiles at Guam. I am sure that the Fake News fools like Brian Williams, Jake Tapper, Jim Acosta and ′Psycho′ Joe Scarborough are unhappy. They were looking forward to scaring the American public about how President trump was leading the nation to war with his tough rhetoric. But instead, President Trump showed the world that unlike other administrations, his has a spine, a backbone.



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