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Trump Warns Congress On Healthcare Subsidies

Our hero, President Donald J. Trump, warned Congress this weekend that they had better do something about repealing and replacing Obamacare. Otherwise, he will cut off the healthcare insurance subsidies to members of Congress. LOL! Now that is EXACTLY why we voted for President Trump! Under Obamacar…

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Reince Priebus Out, John Kelly In As White House Chief Of Staff

Sometime late Thursday, Reince Priebus resigned as White House Chief of Staff. Come Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump tweeted on Twitter than retired General John F. Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security, would be taking the job over. This ended a week which also saw the exit of Sean Spicer from the White House, and a promise by Anthony Scaramucci to fire anyone who leaks or is not on board with the Trump agenda. Kelly, a no-nonsense sort of man after a long career in the U.S. Marine Corps, is expected to bring discipline to the White House. Some already question just how far he can go, especially with Ivanka and Jared Kushner having direct access to The Boss?



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Man At Arms: Art Of War Season 1 Finale, Ep8, Weapons of the Samurai

Last night was the Season 1 finale of the El Rey Network TV series, ″Man At Arms: Art Of War″. Episode 8 was entitled, ″Weapons of the Rising Sun″, or, better yet, ″Weapons of the Samurai″. Danny Trejo and his team were joined by film producer and El Rey founder, Robert Rodriguez, and his son, Rebel. Rebel has been inspired by action movies like ″Kill Bill″, which his father was involved in, to take up the art of bladesmithing. Needless to say, the first of the two weapons to be built and tested is the famous sword of the Samurai, the Katana. However, while the Katana may rule in action movies and TV series, the second weapon, the Yari spear, was the real killer on the battlefields of the Samurai.



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White House Tweets, Leaks, and Trump Fu

One of the big topics of the past week or two on the Fake News Media has been President Donald Trump′s tweets on Twitter, as well as interview comments, about Attorney General Jeff Sessions. How he is ″disappointed″ with his recusal on the Russia probe. The hosts, commentators and pundits have all lined up warning that this is a sign that President Trump wants Sessions to resign, or may even fire him. However, when I look at what President Trump is saying, I see yet another classic example of ′Trump Fu′. While he may seem to be attacking Sessions, what is actually going on is President Trump is forcing the Fake News Media to mention issues like Hillary Clinton′s collusion with Ukraine and the rampant leaks against the White House.



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Former Aide To Debbie Wasserman Schultz Arrested

Imran Awan, a former aide to Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, was arrested at Dulles National Airport attempting to flee the country. I say ″former″ because Awan was still officially on her payroll until he was busted yesterday. Wasserman-Schultz hired Pakistani Awan as an IT worker in 2010. He had access to the computer system of the House of Representatives, and, according to authorities, was allegedly hacking and copying files, perhaps even leaking them. All the while, Awan arranged for his whole family to get jobs and contracts from the House and DNC, earning some $4 Million dollars. Awan was formerly charged with bank fraud, however, this may run much, much deeper.



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President Trump Boy Scouts Speech, Love Fest

President Donald J. Trump spoke at the 2017 Boy Scouts Jamboree in Glen Jean, WV yesterday. Some 40,000 Boy Scouts from across America, as well as many from overseas, cheered President Trump, chanting ″We Love Trump!″ at one point. The President spoke about patriotism, of volunteer service to the community and the nation, and about the values and traditions which have made the Boy Scouts an organization for building character and leadership for over a century.



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Democrats Steal Papa Johns Slogan

The Democratic Party is shamelessly trying to steal the Populist message from President Donald Trump. In their 11-page, ′Better Deal′ document, they promise better jobs, better wages and better future for all. They listed several programs they are backing, such as a $1 Trillion dollar infrastructure plan which they claim will create some 15 million new jobs. In 2009, they spent a trillion dollars and barely created 250,000 jobs at a cost of some $400,000 each! President Trump wants to get a large infrastructure bill passed and no doubt it will actually go for improving roads and bridges,etc, not bailing out misused pension funds as in Illinois and other states and cities run by Democrats. But, perhaps worst of all is how the new slogan by the Democrats is a rip-off of the Papa Johns Pizza ad of ″better ingredients, better pizza, Papa Johns!″



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Anthony Scaramucci In, Sean Spicer Resigns

Anthony Scaramucci has been named the new White House Communications Director, replacing Sean Spicer who was handling the job temporarily. Originally hired as White House Press Secretary, Spicer did double-duty during the early days of the Trump administration until Mike Dubke was hired in March as Communications Director. Dubke left in early June, putting Spicer back in the dual-role position. This is when we began seeing more of Assistant Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders doing daily briefings at the White House. Scaramucci was originally hired to head the U.S. Import-Export Bank, based on his background in finance as founder and CEO of Skybridge Capital, which he sold in January to join the Trump administration.



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President Trump Commissions USS Gerald R. Ford, CVN-78

President Donald J. Trump was on hand at the commissioning of the US Navy′s newest super aircraft carrier, CVN-78, the USS Gerald R. Ford. After 8 years of work, the ship is ready to become an active part of our national defense. The nuclear-powered warship can carry more than 75 jet fighter-bombers and will not require refueling for some 25 years. With a crew of about 2,600 sailors and officers, CVN-78 is equipped with many new technologies, including the ELAMS, an Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System, which replaces the older steam-powered catapults which launch planes from the carrier′s deck.



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DUNKIRK, The 2017 Movie Opens Today

The summer-blockbuster for 2017, ″Dunkirk″, opens today. The movie by director Christopher Nolan promises to be an exciting recreation of the drama which took place along the shores of northeastern France. A large cast featuring some new faces to British cinema, like Fionn Whitehead, Aneurin Barnard and Barry Keoghan, is balanced with some seasoned talent, such as Kenneth Branagh. ″Dunkirk″ is a World War 2 film about the struggle to rescue over 400,000 British, French and Belgian forces surrounded by the German army in 1940. Following the invasion of France by the Nazis in May of 1940, German panzers tore through Allied defenses at Sedan, setting the stage for a blitzkrieg as panzer tanks and troops outflanked the Allies on their way to the French coast. What happened next is often called, ′The Miracle of Dunkirk′.



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Man At Arms: Art Of War - Ep7, Blades Of Legend

Last night on the El Rey Network, ″Man At Arms: Art Of War″ examined two ′Blades of Legend′. Danny Trejo and company took us back to the Battle of Valencia in 1094 AD where El Cid and his famous sword, Tizona, achieved victory. We also saw the team recreate the famous Fulfiqar sword, which the Prophet Mohammad, blessings and peace be upon him, gave to his cousin, Ali ibn Abi Talib, with which he won the Battle of Uhud in 625 AD. Our master bladesmiths once again attempted to recreate these weapons using some traditional methods of those periods of history. By the way, the actual title of this episode is, ″Stuff That Legends Are Made Of″.



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President Donald Trump, Populism 2.0

During the past 48 hours or so, with the demise of the latest GOP healthcare bill in the Senate, pundits from Rush Limbaugh on down have been talking about the divide between President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Establishment GOP types think that they can stay on the fence, or even hide behind it, and let the Trump agenda wither on the vine. They never respected him nor took his campaign seriously. They think they can do nothing to help him and still get reelected.



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Joe Scarborough, Dimwit

Originally, I was going to entitle this article, ″Is Joe Scarborough An Idiot?″, but the answer is an obvious, ′Yes′! The past couple of weeks, ′Psycho Joe′ has been exceptionally stupid. So too has his side-kick, Low I.Q. Crazy Mika Brzezinski. Last week they appeared on the CBS late night show with host Stephen Colbert so Psycho Joe could announce that he was no longer a Republican. HAH! Like he ever really was! Same for allegedly being a Conservative. Sure, while in Congress the ACU scored him high on Conservative issues, proving he was a good lapdog, but legislation did he write and get passed into law? I can′t think of anything of any importance. Psycho Joe is all show and no go!



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Let It Die, Obamacare Repeal Option

With two more Republican senators declaring that they will not support Mitch McConnell′s latest healthcare bill, the GOP Repeal-and-Replace Obamacare legislation has officially dead. Now, the only two remaining options are to either allow Obamacare to remain in place, or to vote on a bill to simply repeal it now and worry about a replacement later. Senate Majority Leader McConnell spiked the latest effort after a delay was needed following John McCain′s eye surgery. The hope was that the bill would be voted on this week, but that evaporated once McCain had a blood clot removed from his eye. While McCain might have made it back next week, some doctors say that he could be out for several weeks.



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Made In America Week

President Donald J. Trump is launching the ′Made In America Week′ today with an expo of products at the White House. This will be the first of three special weeks. Next will be American Heroes Week, focusing on military service, jobs and workers, followed by American Dream Week. The Trump administration did this sort of theme focusing before, with three weeks dedicated to Infrastructure, Energy and Technology. On Wednesday, President Trump will issue a proclamation on American made products. On Saturday, he will attend the commissioning of the newest Navy aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford.



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New Study Debunks Global Warming

A new research study has examined the latest findings on Global Average Surface Temperature, GAST, from NOAA, NASA and HADLEY. The result of the study is to debunk estimates and predictions from an earlier report by the EPA known as the GHG/CO2 Endangerment Finding. The data gathered by all of these government agencies is very flawed, resulting in a report which is, ″not a valid representation of reality″. The new study shows that the EPA′s conclusions are inconsistent with actual data obtained from credible sources. Claims that the three GAST data sets show record setting global warming are completely false. This also means that the EPA′s findings based on those studies is also erroneous.



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The Truth Is Hillary Colluded With Russia

The latest waves of revelations about the meeting between Donald Trump Jr and some Russians has led me to one, simple conclusion. That the Russian government was colluding with Hillary Clinton, her campaign, the DNC and even the Obama administration, all against now-President Donald J. Trump. She, and they, also colluded with the Ukraine government, as we know from the Politico article back on January 11, 2017. But let us set that aside for the moment and focus on all of this lather over the Magnitsky Act. That act of Congress put sanctions on some 42 of Vladimir Putin′s pals from doing business and operating in the United States. I′ll bet a dollar to the hole in your doughnut that some of those 42 oligarchs had dealings with Bill and Hillary Clinton, probably helping them get paid speaking gigs and donations to the Clinton Foundation.



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Game Of Thrones Season 7 Premiere Primer

Sunday night, July 16, all eyes will be on HBO for the Season 7 premiere of ″Game Of Thrones″. Forget about everything else! Trump, Russia, etc. Even if you are not one of the 7 Million or so regular viewers of the hit, epic television series, it will be discussed at great length Monday morning across the realm. The series has become a significant part of our popular culture. Unlike some other series which have been around for several years, ″Game Of Thrones″ has become even more popular with bigger audiences and ratings. So what is all the ′hub-bub′ about? Let us review a quick primer to bring you non-fans up to speed.



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Man At Arms: Art Of War - Ep6, Weapons of the Pharaohs

Danny Trejo and his team took us back to Ancient Egypt last night in the El Rey series, ″Man At Arms: Art Of War″. Episode 6 was entitled, ″Weapons of the Pharaohs″. The two weapons recreated and tested were the famous Egyptian sword, the Khopesh, and the Egyptian Battle Axe. Kerry Stagmer, who runs the Baltimore Knife Company, decided that they would make the head of the battle axe out of bronze using a traditional sand castling technique. As for the Khopesh, they chose to make it out of iron rather than bronze.



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Symphony Music Equals White Supremacy

The lunacy of the Far-Left has reached new heights of insanity! Take for example ′journalist′ Jonathan Capehart complaining about how President Donald Trump promoted White Supremacy during his speech in Warsaw, Poland. Capehart apparently believes that President Trump praising Western Civilization, including symphony music, is racist. Along with having children, law and order, defending borders, raising families and believing in God. Yes, these are all bad, terrible things according to Jonathan Capehart and his Liberal Loon friends. They must think that angry rap music, lawlessness, abortion, and no morality whatsoever are best for civilization.



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