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Crazy Mika, Psycho Joe, Human Leaches

For over a year, MSNBC hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough have been attacking President Donald Trump during their ′Morning Joe″ program. When Trump first began his campaign, Mika and Joe acted all cozy and kind to him, bragging about their long-term friendship. Trump would call in regularly and chat with them, boosting their flat ratings, well behind Fox News and even CNN′s morning programs. Some Democrats and Liberals even stopped appearing on ″Morning Joe″ because they thought Mika and Joe were too ′Trump-friendly′. But after Trump became the clear GOP nominee, something happened. Mika and Joe shifted gears, as both supported Hillary Clinton in the general election. Donald Trump was no longer a close, personal friend, but ′The Enemy′! Since the election, they have increased the intensity of their attacks against President Trump.



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Man At Arms: Art Of War - Epiosde 4 Weapons of the Mongol Horde

Last night on the El Rey network, Danny Trejo looked at the ′Weapons of the Mongol Horde′ on this week′s episode of ″Men At Arms: Art Of War″. The compound bow and the triple-bow ballista were the two weapons recreated and tested by his team of experts. Gene Ching, a historian, tells us about how bloody the Mongols were. They killed millions in their conquests across Asia and beyond. Possibly as many as 30 million or more, a signficant portion of the Earth′s population at the time. The Mongolian compound bow was extremely sophisticated in its design and complex to build. It consisted of about 20 parts, laminated together with animal glue, delivering over 100 pounds of power in its pull. The triple-bow ballista was a powerful siege weapon, capable of flinging spears, bolts and rocks great distances with deadly results.



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Border Wall Prototypes to Begin Construction

The Customs and Border Protection agency, CBP, have announced plans to begin construction on 8 different border wall prototypes to be completed by September. These will be demonstration models to determine which type, or types, will be best suited for building President Donald Trump′s border wall between the United States and Mexico. President Trump vowed to ″Make America Safe Again″ by improving our border security, as well as by passing and enforcing other laws and reforms. One such prototype includes using the wall as a base for a large solar panel array to produce electricity, which can be sold and help fund the project.



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Andrew McCabe, Acting FBI Boss, Under Investigation

Seems we need a score card to keep track of who is being investigated in Washington these days. Bernie Sanders wife for alleged bank fraud, Michael Flynn for alleged something (the goal posts keep moving on this one), Loretta Lynch for alleged obstruction of justice, Bill and Hillary Clinton for numerous allegations. Now we add Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe for alleged violation of the Hatch Act. Oh-Oh!



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CNN Caught on Video, Russia Story BS

James O′Keafe and Project Veritas are at it again, this time exposing CNN and how their obsession with the Trump – Russia story is just for ratings. John Bonifield, a CNN producer, is caught on video spilling the beans! This report by Project Veritas comes right after CNN was forced to retract a story which alleged that a Trump supporter, Anthony Scaramucci, was being investigated on ties to Russia. But, the story was ′Fake News′. The anonymous sources were wrong. Scaramucci was not being investigated. CNN was forced to retract the story and apologize. The three reporters behind the fake news story resigned after CNN announced that they were establishing new guidelines for their reporting.



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Lisa Durden Fired After 'Tucked' on Fox News

Lisa Durden was fired as a teacher for the Essex County College after she mentioned the school during a recent appearance on ″Tucker Carlson Tonight″ on the Fox News Channel. Oddly enough, she was an adjunct professor of communications when she lost her job while communicating her support for Black Lives Matter. The controversial group recently held an ′all-black Memorial Day′ party which banned Whites from attending. Durden defended the ban, claiming that in America, its an ″all-White″ party everyday. On being fired, Durden says that she was ″publicly lynched″. However, what actually happened was that she was ′Tucked″! Being ′Tucked′ is what happens when Liberal idiots appear on Tucker Carlson′s show and hang themselves with their own idiotic views and opinions. Tucker just sits there and allows them to self-destruct in full glory.



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Pres. Trump Slams Obama on Russian Meddling

After the Washington Post published a long ′news′ item, President Donald Trump slammed Barack Obama for failing on the Russian meddling of the 2016 elections. The Post elaborated for some 36 pages worth of text about how ″brave″ Obama was for keeping the alleged Russian interference from the American people. That he did not want to cast any doubts on the expected victory of Hillary Clinton. The Post even tried to make Obama look heroic for telling Vladimir Putin to ′cut it out′. LOL! Like Obama could make Putin quiver in his boots! NOT! But, the actual result of the puff piece has been showing Obama as being a big, soft, marshmallow. And a foolish one at that!



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Senate Launches Loretta Lynch Probe

The United States Senate Judiciary Committee is launching an investigation on Loretta Lynch and how she ran the Justice Department while serving Barack Obama. Much of the focus will be on her managing the Hillary Clinton email scandal. We learned from former FBI Director James Comey that Loretta Lynch had ordered him to mislead committees on Capitol Hill about the criminal investigation on Hillary Clinton, demanding that Comey refer to the probe as a ″matter″. In addition to this, and the mysterious tarmac meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton days before Comey dropped the probe, an innocuous document has surfaced alleging that Lynch told the Clinton campaign that the criminal investigation would not go too far.



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More Trump Fu, No James Comey Tapes

President Donald J. Trump once again demonstrated his ′Twitter-Tweet-Style′ of ′Trump Fu′! Grand Master Buddha Trump tweeted on Twitter yesterday about the fabled ′Comey Tapes′. Last week, when questioned by reporters, he replied that they would be disappointed with the news. How right he was! There are no tapes, at least none that he, himself recorded. Naturally, the Fake News Media tried to attack President Trump on this, with some even calling him a liar. However, President Trump did not lie. The Fake News Media over-reacted, as usual, and fooled themselves into believing there were such tapes. Let us look back at exactly what President Trump had said...



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Man At Arms: Art Of War - Episode 3, African War Blades

If you are going through ″Forged In Fire″ withdrawal as I am, last night we had some relief on the El Rey Network. Another new episode of ″Man At Arms: Art Of War″ aired, hosted by Danny Trejo. This week his team of blacksmiths, artisans and martial arts experts looked at African war blades. Two in particular, the Za, also known by many other names, including the Hunga Munga, and the curved sword, the Shotel. ″Forged In Fire″ fans will recall these two weapons. The Za is a multi-bladed throwing weapon, also used by executioners. The Shotel is a rather nice sword, especially designed for attacking enemies equipped with a wide shield.



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New Ken Doll Modeled After Rachel Maddow

The Mattel toy company has begun producing a new line of Ken dolls for Barbie to date, styling them to look like a modern-day Millennial. Noe of these new Ken dolls looks a lot like MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow. The uncanny resemblance is frightening! Just look at the comparison picture below! No, I did not ′photo-shop′ it at all! Looks like Ken has been turned into an androgynous ′Metro-Sexual′. Sort of like the famous Pajama Boy from the ′Talk About Obamacare′ commercials and ads. These days, Pajama Boy is probably talking about how Russians in black helicopters tried hacking the election and Hillary Clinton′s emails. Just like Rachel Maddow!



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Kellyanne Conway - Media Has Russian Concussion

Special Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway was on ′Hannity′s America″ last night on Fox News. While talking up President Donald Trump and his positive speech in Cedar Rapids, Iowa yesterday before a cheering crowd, she coined a new term. Kellyanne Conway said that The Media has a case of ″Russian Concussion″. Naturally, Sean Hannity chuckled in approval, as did I. Especially after yet another Congressional hearing yesterday, this time with Obama′s old DHS boss, Jehr Johnson, told the House Committee that while Russia may have tried hacking election systems, they did not ″suppress″ nor ″altered″ the vote in any way. Once again, another Democratic Party myth went down in flames!



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Georgia Special Election 2017 Results

Republican Karen Handel defeated Jon Ossoff in the Georgia 6th Congressional District special election run-off for 2017. Handel won by a margin of 53% to Ossoff′s 47%, well above political polls. The Democratic Party and their allies in the Fake News Media had hyped up this special election as a national contest against President Donald Trump. The House race was the most expensive in U.S. history with over $50 million dollars spent. Ossoff, supported by Far-Left loons from Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Martha′s Vineyard and Manhattan, out-spent Handel by a margin of 7 to 1. But, once again, the Democratic Party fell short, losing its 5th straight special election since November, 2016, including another House seat, the South Carolina 5th District, which also was held last night.



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Tucker Carlson VS James Devine, Mr. Hunt Republicans

Fox News aired another classic episode of ′You Can′t Cuck The Tuck′ last night! Our hero, Tucker Carlson took on Democratic ′Strategist′ James Devine, who infamously tweeted the hash-tag, #HuntRepublicans on Twitter following the attempted assassination of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA). Carlson exposed Devine as being a buffoonish Liberal bozo as Devine tried to justify and explain away his tweet. Maybe he should take a lesson from Buddha Trump on Tweet-Style Trump Fu? Tucker had plenty of material since the Fake News Media has gone full tilt on the subject. Joy Reid, host of MSNBC morning show, ″AM Joy″, recently stated on air that Scalise got what he deserved. Scott Pelley echoed this sentiment himself on air, calling the Scalise shooting, ″self inflicted″. A CBS News poll shows 73% of Americans think that the ongoing political rancor is turning violent. Vice News has chronicled a dramatic increase in Left-Wing hate and violence over the past few years.



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Megyn Kelly Uses Alex Jones to Attack Trump

Last night, NBC News aired another episode of ″Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly″. The lead ′item′ was a so-called interview by Megyn Kelly with Alex Jones, founder of But the 17-minute long segment had very little of Jones. Mostly of Kelly badgering him about old stories Jones has long since apologized or corrected. The majority of the time was spent getting feedback from other so-called ′journalists′, and one Sandy Hook parent, to trash Jones and President Donald Trump. Kelly, who failed to ′take-down′ Trump during the first GOP primary debate, and was utterly humiliated by him after, tried to use Jones to attack President Trump. The last few minutes of the program featured Tom Brokaw bemoaning how the Internet has become full of right-wing hate speech, and is the cause for our politically charged nation.



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Ben & Jerry's Farmers Protest for Better Pay, Conditions

This one makes me chuckle! Farm workers and Far-Left activists marched against Ben & Jerry′s Ice Cream company for more money and better working conditions. Since the founding of the Vermont-based company, Ben & Jerry′s have been very public about their social consciousness. They brag about how much of their profits goes to Liberal causes and charities. How they are leaders in the Progressive movement. Yet, as it turns out, they are no better than anybody else. Ha-Ha-Ha!



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Time for Robert Mueller to Resign

When Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller to be Special Counsel to investigate possible Russian interference in the 2016 elections, the pick seemed natural. Mueller had a long history of being a prosecutor and served as Director of the FBI. He was considered well respected and of good character. But, that was before the Washington Post began publishing news stories based on leaks about Mueller′s probe shifting gears. Unnamed sources told the Post that Mueller was now investigating whether President Donald Trump had obstructed justice by firing Mueller′s long-time friend and colleague, James Comey. Mueller has recently hired some 12 extra lawyers, many of whom have been campaign contributors to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. One was even representing the Clinton charity foundation when it was being investigated.



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Man At Arms: Art Of War - Episode 2, Weapons Of The Gods

Danny Trejo and his friends took us to ancient India in last night′s Episode 2 of ″Man At Arms: Art Of War″ on the El Rey Network. India has a long and bloody history of warfare going back thousands of years. Their own styles of martial arts often incorporates yoga forms. Their weapons are often designed for intimidation more so than for practicality on a battlefield, and can be seen in ′Ballywood′ films like ″Magadheera″ from 2009. Trejo and his team of experts focus on two such weapons. The three-bladed dagger known as the Haladie, and the flexible, ′belt sword′, the Urumi. The Urumi is like a razor-sharp, metallic whip, 30 inches or more in length. Some hilts of this weapon held up to 32 separate ′blades′ of deadly steel.



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Far-Left Shooter Motivated by The Media

There appears to be little doubt that something drove James T. Hodgkinson to the point of being mad enough to try killing Republican members of Congress. The 66 year-old, retired house inspector left his home in Belleville, Illinois in late March and has been stalking GOP targets while living in his van around Washington, DC. On Wednesday, he finally took action, attacking a group of Republicans practicing for a charity baseball game. Hodgkinson had visited the park in Alexandria, Virginia the day before and returned Wednesday morning as the practice was ending around 7am Eastern. After asking a departing Congressman which political party was on the field, his shooting rampage began.



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Rep. Steve Scalise Shot by Gunman at Alexandria Ballpark

The GOP House Majority Whip, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), was shot, along with a Congressional aide and two Capitol Hill police officers during a shooting rampage at a baseball park in Alexandria, Virginia this morning. At about 7:15 am Eastern, a gunman armed with multiple firearms, began shooting at…

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