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Biden - You Ain't Black

Joe Biden did it again!  Mr Gaffe was on the podcast, "The Breakfast Club", hosted by Charlemagne tha God this morning.  As the interview was wrapping up, Charlemagne said he still had many questions for Joe.  But Biden responded that if you still haven't chosen to vote for him over Trump, "then you ain't Black"!  This touched off a backlash from a number of Black business leaders, politicians and entertainers.  Robert Johnson, founder and CEO of the BET network, and even P Diddy, both took offense to Biden's remark. Michigan Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, war veteran John James, also issued a statement condemning Joe Biden.  Of course, James was on hand with President Trump at the tour of the Ford Motor factory yesterday.  Biden issued an apology and told a group of Black businessmen via telephone that he was, "too cavalier".  There has been a growing concern nationwide that Democrat candidates take the Black vote for granted.


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