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Tucker Carlson Talks UFO With Navy Pilot

The sight was described as, ″something from out of this world″! Last night on Fox News, Tucker Carlson chatted with U.S. Navy Commander David Fravor. In 2004 while flying a training mission off the coast of San Diego, Fravor and his wingman were redirected to a ′Real World′ mission. They flew their jets towards an unknown flying object picked up on naval radar. The object was hovering at low altitude above the Pacific Ocean about 100 miles west of the California coastline. They circled the object from above first, then Fravor dove down to get a closer look. When he was about a half a mile away from the object, it suddenly accelerated and climbed to about 20,000 feet, then buzzed 50 miles out of sight within a matter of seconds.



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President Trump Commissions USS Gerald R. Ford, CVN-78

President Donald J. Trump was on hand at the commissioning of the US Navy′s newest super aircraft carrier, CVN-78, the USS Gerald R. Ford. After 8 years of work, the ship is ready to become an active part of our national defense. The nuclear-powered warship can carry more than 75 jet fighter-bombers and will not require refueling for some 25 years. With a crew of about 2,600 sailors and officers, CVN-78 is equipped with many new technologies, including the ELAMS, an Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System, which replaces the older steam-powered catapults which launch planes from the carrier′s deck.



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