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New Uranium One Indictments

On Monday, the Department of Justice announced that a federal grand jury has issued an 11-count indictment against Mark Lambert, co-founder of Transportation Logistics, Inc. The indictments are connected to the Uranium One deal and involve bribery, fraud and money laundering. TLI′s other co-founder,…

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Washington Braces For Bombshells Next Week

CNN reported Friday night that Robert Mueller′s Russia probe has filed criminal charges with courts yesterday and that a suspect may be arrested as soon as Monday. Meanwhile, Monday is also the deadline for Fusion GPS to turn over client lists and bank records to Congress as part of their probe into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 elections. Also on Friday evening, the story broke that the Washington Free Beacon, a Neo-Con news and activist group, had hired Fusion GPS in October of 2015 to dig up dirt on several Republican presidential candidates, including now President Donald J. Trump. Byron York of the Washington Examiner broke this story after an earlier report broke during the week showing that the so-called Trump-Russia dossier compiled by Fusion GPS was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, or DNC. The Free Beacon admitted it hired Fusion GPS, but only for opposition research on Trump′s business dealings and had ended their involvement before former British MI6 officer, Christopher Steele began talking with Russian contacts.



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DOJ Lifts Gag Order On Uranium One Informant

The Department of Justice has lifted a Non-Disclosure-Agreement issued on the FBI′s Uranium One informant. Authorized by Eric Holder and then FBI Director Robert Mueller, the anonymous informant was forced to stay quiet about his 4-year odyssey working undercover. The informant worked with the FBI in exposing a series of felony crimes in the Uranium One deal. Crimes such as extortion, bribery and money laundering were committed by various persons, including at least one Russian national. The Uranium One deal enabled the Russian company, Rosatom and its subsidiary Tenet to gain control of about 20% of America′s uranium. The deal was approved by the Obama administration, including then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.



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Congress Launches Uranium Deal Probe

Both the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee are launching investigations into the Uranium One deal. The probes will seek to uncover why the Barack Obama administration, including the State Department led by Hillary Clinton, approved the sale of 20% of our uranium supply to a Russian company, Rosatom. This, despite an investigation by the FBI, led by Robert Mueller and James Comey in 2009, showed that Rosatom, as well as other companies involved, allegedly may have committed numerous felonies including bribery and other corruption crimes. Also, why and how the Clinton charity foundation received some $145 Million dollars from 9 donors associated with the uranium deal? The well documented story appears to indicate actual collusion between the Obama administration, along with Bill and Hillary Clinton personally, with the Russians.



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