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CNN Jake Tapper Unfit For Journalism

The interview was absolutely shameless! CNN host Jake Tapper had invited Stephen Miller on ″State of the Union″ Sunday under false pretenses. Miller, a White House staff member, had been invited by the show′s producers to talk about the accomplishments of President Donald Trump. Specifically the tax cut bill and pending legislation to come. Instead, Jake Tapper intended to trick Miller and ambush him with questions raised from ″Fire and Fury″, a book of gossip and lies by Michael Wolff. When Miller wouldn′t take the bait, Tapper became angry and arrogant. When Miller counter-punched about the non-stop, anti-Trump bias on CNN, Tapper lost all control and abruptly ended the segment.



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Stephen Miller Shames CNN Jim Acosta

One thing you have to say about the Trump White House is that when one hero falls and drops the flag, another steps up and carries it further. Such is the case for Stephen Miller who yesterday shamed Jim Acosta of CNN in the White House Briefing Room. President Donald J. Trump announced earlier on Wednesday a new, merit-based immigration policy, similar to that of the one in Canada. Acosta challenged Miller on the matter of green cards being easier to obtain by those immigrants whom already speak English. The CNN correspondent was implying that the new policy was racist, favoring immigrants from England and Australia.



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