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MSNBC Joy Reid May Hate America

The reaction by Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media towards President Trump and his SOTU address has been rather telling. Take MSNBC host, Joy Reid, who criticized our President on Twitter for supporting ″church, family, police and military″. Does she hear these terms as ′dog whistles′ for White supremacy? Or, is it just a case that she hates America so much, she wants to see the country descend into a Godless nation filled by unloved bastards, living in constant fear from crime, anarchy and foreign invaders? She also remarked that only Fox News viewers know about the ruthless drug gang, MS-13. Now, she may actually be correct on that score, since the rest of The Media spends most of their time bashing President Trump instead of reporting REAL NEWS about how 20,000 to 30,000 criminals, mostly illegal aliens from El Salvador, are selling drugs, killing and raping America citizens on a daily basis.



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Trump SOTU 2018 Address, Positive, Unifying

At some 81 minutes, the 2018 State of the Union address by President Donald Trump was the third longest SOTU speech in history. Part of the reason was that he was interrupted by applause some 111 times. About 70 of those were standing ovations! The theme last night was that America is strong, proud and safe again. He began by praising heroes, something he did throughout the evening. First was a woman from the Coast Guard who rescued some 40 people in Texas during the first 18 hours of Hurricane Harvey. President Trump praised many heroes who endured disasters, demonstrating strength, unity and assisting their fellow citizens. The theme apparently worked as a CBS-YouGo poll showed 75% liking the speech and 81% feeling optimistic and unified.



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