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Trump Legal Team Takes Over

This morning, the legal team for President Donald John Trump took over center stage at the Senate impeachment trial.  Being a Saturday, the session was brief, lasting just over 2 hours.  Trump's defense lawyers opened with setting the stage for how they intend to rebut the endless droning we heard from the House managers for over 22 hours.  While some of the presentation was low key, wrapped in technicalities, it was effective and informative.  For example, we learned that the reason why the White House rejected any subpoenas from the House on Ukraine was because the House NEVER VOTED to allow for subpoenas during the first 71 days of their 78 day sham.  Even then, after they passed H.R. 660 guiding the House Judiciary Committee's hearings, Nancy Pelosi closed the hearings down after just two days of hearings.  


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Impeachment Moves To Senate

The articles of impeachment finally moved to the U.S. Senate yesterday.  First, Nancy Pelosi held an 'engrossment ceremony', where she signed the documents which were to be carried across the Rotunda.  A gaggle of House Democrat committee leaders attended, each getting a custom pen with Pelosi's name on it.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell accepted the paperwork and informed the Senate floor as to what lies ahead.  Today, around noon, the House Democrats named as prosecutors for the trial will visit the Senate.  Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, will also visit to be sworn in as the presiding judge for the impeachment trial.  He will then take the Senate chair and swear in all 100 senators to be jurors.  The trial will officially begin next Tuesday.

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Buh Bye, Al Franken To Resign From Senate

Minnesota Senator Al Franken is expected to announce today that he is resigning from the U.S. Senate. His resignation may take effect immediately, though I suspect he might stick around till the Washington shuts down for the holidays. The decision comes as more women are alleging that Franken groped or tried to kiss them against their wishes. Over the past 48 hours, about 3 dozen fellow Democratic Party senators, including 14 of the 16 women serving in the Senate, are calling of r Franken to resign. Even Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, wants Franken gone. This comes after Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), resigned on Monday following allegations of sexual harassment against him.



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The Case Against Jeff Flake

What goes on in Arizona? How can a state which gave us Senator Barry Goldwater stick us with two baboons, John McCain and Jeff Flake? Has Arizona adopted the RINO as the state animal? Seriously, they can do better. Hopefully, they will in 2018 by retiring Jeff Flake and replacing him with somebody who will actually work with President Donald Trump instead of writing hate-books about him. Did Jeff Flake really think he would get away with that?



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