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PBS Frontline Putin's Revenge, Biased, Shoddy Whitewash

Last night, PBS aired Part 2 of it′s alleged, ′journalistic′ documentary, ″Putin′s Revenge″. For the past two weeks, the Public Broadcasting System has been attempting to build the case justifying the Russia meddling probe into the 2016 elections. One would have hoped for the producers to provide a truly objective examination, giving all sides of the story. However, they instead only gave one side, the pro-Hillary, pro-Obama, Russia-stole-the-election side.



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Media Ignores Bad Hillary Clinton News

The Fake News Media routinely reports fictitious stories against President Donald Trump daily. Yet, in the past 48 hours, several stories which cast a bad light on Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and James Comey were hardly covered. Perhaps the worst of these was a report by The Hill confirming much of what author Peter Schweitzer had written about in his book, ″Clinton Cash″. The Hill reports that the FBI had investigated the Russian company Rosatom from 2009 through 2010 on bribery, extortion, kickbacks and money laundering in connection to the Uranium One deal. A deal approved by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama which gave the Russian firm some 20% of our uranium ore reserves. Rosatom had been a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation charity organization, giving them millions of dollars. A Moscow bank associated with Rosatom paid Bill Clinton $500,000 for giving a speech.



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The Truth Is Hillary Colluded With Russia

The latest waves of revelations about the meeting between Donald Trump Jr and some Russians has led me to one, simple conclusion. That the Russian government was colluding with Hillary Clinton, her campaign, the DNC and even the Obama administration, all against now-President Donald J. Trump. She, and they, also colluded with the Ukraine government, as we know from the Politico article back on January 11, 2017. But let us set that aside for the moment and focus on all of this lather over the Magnitsky Act. That act of Congress put sanctions on some 42 of Vladimir Putin′s pals from doing business and operating in the United States. I′ll bet a dollar to the hole in your doughnut that some of those 42 oligarchs had dealings with Bill and Hillary Clinton, probably helping them get paid speaking gigs and donations to the Clinton Foundation.



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