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Megxit Monday

Welcome to Megxit Monday!  Yes!  Today is the day for the big royal pow-wow in the UK.  Last Wednesday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they want to "step back" from their royal duties.  That they will split their time in Canada and the UK and will seek to become more financially independent.  They made the announcement in public without consulting with Queen Elizabeth II.  A decision which has reportedly disappointed the Queen and now has led to quite the bru-hah-hah.  Or maybe 'bro-hah-hah' since it seems that even Prince William is irritated with his brother's attitude.  


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CBC Wins For Best Coverage Of Royal Wedding

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation wins the day for the best royal wedding day coverage! Hats off to the CBC whose pre-wedding programming blew away the competition, including the BBC. I suppose one could say this might have been expected, given the the train of Meghan Markle′s wedding dress was sported by the twin grandsons of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. His daughter even rode with her sons in the same car as Meghan Markle to St. George′s Chapel. The CBC kept the nonsense to a minimum and provided much historical and other insights into the event.



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