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Pope Francis Accused Of Promoting Heresy

A group of 62 Catholic clergy and scholars are accusing Pope Francis of propagating hersey. The 25-page document, known as a Correctio Filialis, or Filial Correction, details 7 reasons why the Pontiff may be in error for his statements about marriage, the sacraments and on how to live a moral life in general. The last time such a document was written to a Pope was in 1333 against Pope John XXII. So it is not exactly a common occurrence. While the group is not questioning the Pope′s infalibility, they do question positions he has taken. The focus of their argument resides in the passages of the Amoris Laetitia issued by Pope Francis in 2016. The group claims that in this proclamation, the Pope ″wishes Catholics to interpret these passages in a way that is, in fact, heretical.″



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