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ESPN Robert Lee Pulled, Political Correctness Police

ESPN has been having trouble lately with the Political Correctness Police. Last week they held a fantasy football player auction which resembled a slave auction. Now they are bowing before the PC cops as ESPN pulls Robert Lee from doing the play-by-play for an upcoming football game featuring the University of Virginia. After the protest about the General Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, it just seemed too much. ESPN is not alone in bending their knee to the forces of Political Correctness. The University of Southern California is looking to change the name of the white horse which the team′s ′mascot′ Trojan rides from Traveler, the same name as General Lee′s horse.



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Charlottesville Protests, Violence

Make no mistake, what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia yesterday was ugly, stupid and wrong! President Donald Trump was correct in condemning the violence from ″many sides″. Everybody involved in the protests are to blame for the violence. There was no justifiable reason for it. Those who came to protest the stupid decision to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee should have taken a tip from Ghandi and conducted themselves is a peaceful, nonviolent manner. Police and authorities should have acted more aggressively from the beginning to restrict anyone carrying items which might have been dangerous. The counter protesters needed to conduct themselves far better as well. No side of this argument scored any points yesterday. Instead, 3 people are dead and dozens injured and we are left with shame and disgust on all sides!



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