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MSNBC Danger To National Security

Is MSNBC a danger to our national security?  In my opinion, they most certainly are!  Along with the rest of the so-called Media.  The recent assault on the U.S. embassy in Bagdad by Iranian-backed militia and sabre rattling by North Korea are good examples.  In both cases, MSNBC and other 'Fake-News-Media' promoted a very anti-Trump viewpoint.  But more to the point, they emboldened our enemies.  MSNBC gets my special attention as they did this by trotting out a foreign policy has-been, Wendy Sherman.  When she was with the Clinton administration, she helped craft the bribe to North Korea to stop their nuclear weapons program, which, failed miserably.  When she was with the Obama administration, Wendy helped craft the Iran nuclear deal, which bribed Iran with $150 billion dollars in cash, along with hundreds of billions in bank assets.  Again, the result was not only a failure, but gave Iran the money to export terrorism, including funding the very militia unit in Iraq which attacked our embassy.

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Trump Welcomes Freed Hostages Home

President Donald J. Trump welcomed the 3 freed hostages home after their detention in North Korea. The three men, Kim Hak Song, Tony Kim and Kim Dong Chul had been imprisoned by the North Korean government for various charges of espionage and even of plotting to overthrow the government. Chul was arrested back in 2015, the others in 2017. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flew to North Korea and arranged for their release prior to the upcoming summit between President Trump and Kim Song Un. The failing New York Times had published a curious piece of fake news about Pompeo being absent during the announcement about the withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. Turns out he was in Pyongyang doing his job. The summit will take place in Singapore sometime in June.



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Donald Trump To Meet Kim Jong Un

Nobody saw this happening! None of the foreign policy experts, not even those in our government. Yet, President Donald J. Trump has agreed to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un before the month of May. Kim has promised to refrain from any further nuclear tests, including firing ballistics missiles. He even will not complain about upcoming joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea. Kim Jong Un says that he is prepared to discuss not just suspending his country′s nuclear weapons program, but ditching it entirely! Can you say, ″WINNING!″?



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North Korea Loves MSNBC Morning Joe

This has to be the funniest story of the week! NBC News reporter Keir Simmons apparently had interviewed a North Korean colonel. The colonel mentioned that North Korean military officers love watching MSNBC. They seem to think they get an honest look into America. Their favorite show is ″Morning Joe″! This makes sense, seeing as how North Koreans are spoon-fed lies from their own state-controlled media from birth. That Psycho Joe Scarborough and Crazy Mika Brzezinski satisfy the daily need for lies of North Korean officials is quite obvious. The whole point of the show is to deliver 3 hours of America bashing.



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North Korea Tests H-Bomb

North Korea conducted its 6th nuclear weapon test Sunday and claims that it was a thermonuclear weapon or H-Bomb. They claimed an H-Bomb test last time they denoted a device back on September 9, 2016. However, from the 5.1 seismic reading and the device being estimated to be around 10 kilotons in 2016, it seems unlikely. That weapon was probably a fission weapon, similar to those used in WW2. In fact, at 10 kilotons, it was actually a smaller blast. But this time, the seismic reading was 6.3 magnitude, indicating a blast of some 120 kilotons. Furthermore, a second seismic event of about 4.6 right after probably indicates that the cavern the weapon was tested in collapsed.



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North Korea Blinks, Trump Wins Again

Tired of Winning? President Donald J. Trump isn′t! His tough talk on North Korea has paid off. Their ′Dear Leader′, Kim Jong Un, has blinked and backed down on his threat to launch missiles at Guam. I am sure that the Fake News fools like Brian Williams, Jake Tapper, Jim Acosta and ′Psycho′ Joe Scarborough are unhappy. They were looking forward to scaring the American public about how President trump was leading the nation to war with his tough rhetoric. But instead, President Trump showed the world that unlike other administrations, his has a spine, a backbone.



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North Korea Plans Launching Missiles At Guam

Reports from various sources indicate that North Korea may be planning to launch 4 missiles towards the island of Guam. Kim Jong Un wants to defy America and the world by launching four of its Hwasong-12 IRBM, Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles, to a point some 20 miles off the coast of Guam, some 2,100 miles away. Guam, part of the United States Protectorate of the Marianas Islands, is home to some 160,000 U.S. citizens, as well as a military base with over 6,000 personnel. According to the reports, this provocative action could take place as soon as within the next week.



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North Korea Threatens Guam, Trump Vows Fire And Fury

Things seem to be heating up on the Korean Peninsula. As North Korea threatens Guam, a U.S. controlled island some 2,100 miles away from Pongyang, President Donald J. Trump promises, ″fire and fury″ in response to any aggression by Kim Jong Un. Last week, after the last NoKo missile test proved our …

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