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NFL Caves On National Anthem

The NFL owners and players association held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the National Anthem issue. Actually, two meetings as one was held in the morning between a smaller group of owners and players. The result of these discussions appears to be that no action will be taken by the sports league against players who disrespect the National Anthem, the American flag, and our nation. The ′Take-A-Knee′ protests will most likely continue. This, despite growing public outrage as fans boycott games on TV and in person.



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Rush Limbaugh Joins NFL Boycott

The king of Conservative talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, began his program yesterday with a startling admission. For the first time in his life, Rush chose not to watch any of the NFL games on TV Sunday. Not even his favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, who played against the Chicago Bears. For some 26 years, Rush Limbaugh has dominated talk radio. He practically invented it, or, at least, fueled it to become a major force in American culture. During football season, Rush would often wax about ′The Game′, including his observations of what he watched over the weekend. On Fridays, he usually made his ′Politically-Correct-Wacko-Predictions′ were always amusing. However, this whole ′Take-A-Knee′ thing protesting against America during the National Anthem has soured ′The Game′ for Rush Limbaugh, along with millions of other football fans.



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Fans Boo NFL Players Taking Knee During Anthem

Some 200 NFL players took a knee during the National Anthem on Sunday, earning a chorus of boos from fans. Prompted by President Donald Trump during a speech he gave in Huntsville, Alabama, the matter of showing the anthem and the flag respect dominated the news. The Pittsburgh Steelers, except for one player, an Army Ranger veteran, cowered in their locker room during the anthem. Owners of NFL teams were upset by the remarks made by President Trump, who had suggested that owners either penalize or fire players who take a knee. Public reaction is divided largely on party lines. But, clearly, a majority of fans were annoyed by the spoiled millionaires turning the sport into a political issue.



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