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More Pelosi Lies

Nancy Pelosi made the rounds Sunday spewing more lies about her stand on the Coronavirus response.  She now is claiming that the Trump China travel ban did not go far enough.  That she wanted all travel stopped, including those flights which allowed thousands of American citizens to escape the infected areas like Wuhan and the surrounding Hubei province.  Pelosi seems to have forgotten her early tweet on Twitter criticizing the travel ban and calling for a 'No Ban Act'.  Pelosi also was encouraging citizens in her district to gather in large crowds and party, celebrating the Chinese New Year.  She also has been busy taking credit for financial assistance to U.S. citizens while delaying that relief while she eats her gourmet ice cream.  


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Pelosi Disproportionate Stupidity

I accuse House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of disproportionate stupidity!  While it is true that nearly all Democrats are stupid, Nancy Pelosi is far more stupid than her peers.  This is unfair!  She should really try harder to be intelligent once in a while to allow her fellow Liberals to be as stupid as she is.  There are several reasons why Nancy Pelosi has been acting more stupid than usual in just the past week.  Her holding the articles of impeachment is an ongoing example.  Obviously, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is not going to knuckle under to Pelosi and give her any power over the U.S. Senate.  Just today, Pelosi did two stupid things.  First, she called President Trump's use of a drone strike killing Iranian general Qassem Soleimani a "disproportionate response".  Really?  So one Hellfire missile equals years of terrorism and bloody murder?  The second act of stupidity committed by Nancy Pelosi today is the House resolution to curb Trump's war powers.  The vote is nonbinding, which means it is nothing.  Another waste of time.


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Nancy Pelosi Says Border Wall Too Tall, Obnoxious

Nancy Pelosi is at it again. Every time she opens her mouth, more lunacy spills out! Her latest gem is that Nancy Pelosi thinks that the border wall prototypes are too high and obnoxious. I suppose she wishes they were only 12 feet tall with a pretty paint job and brass handles for climbing over it? Nancy Pelosi is as nutty as a fruit cake and getting worse by the month!



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