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Man At Arms: Art Of War - Epiosde 4 Weapons of the Mongol Horde

Last night on the El Rey network, Danny Trejo looked at the ′Weapons of the Mongol Horde′ on this week′s episode of ″Men At Arms: Art Of War″. The compound bow and the triple-bow ballista were the two weapons recreated and tested by his team of experts. Gene Ching, a historian, tells us about how bloody the Mongols were. They killed millions in their conquests across Asia and beyond. Possibly as many as 30 million or more, a signficant portion of the Earth′s population at the time. The Mongolian compound bow was extremely sophisticated in its design and complex to build. It consisted of about 20 parts, laminated together with animal glue, delivering over 100 pounds of power in its pull. The triple-bow ballista was a powerful siege weapon, capable of flinging spears, bolts and rocks great distances with deadly results.



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