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Bloomberg Lays Debate Egg

Michael Bloomberg had a rough night at the 2020 Presidential debate in Las Vegas.  Elizabeth Warren scalped him with questions about female employees whom have accused Bloomberg of various hostile workplace matters.  How, according to stories from the Washington Post, the women were paid off and forced to sign NDA forms, Non-Disclosure Agreements.  But Warren was not alone as all of the other Democrat candidates on stage took swipes at Bloomberg.  There were some 45 attacks on Bloomberg, double those against the next most attacked, Bernie Sanders with 22.  After s[ending over $400 Million dollars, $300 Million just on TV ads, Bloomberg was flat and appeared ill prepared for his first debate.


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Bloomberg Insults Farmers

Last week, recordings of Mike Bloomberg insulting Blacks and Hispanics emerged.  Now, video of Bloomberg insulting farmers has popped up.  Who will Mini-Mike trash next?  Could this be why he is considering to team up with Hillary Clinton as his running mate?  So they can insult Americans together?  It would seem so.  Meanwhile, the Washington Post has dug up more stories about women Bloomberg insulted at his corporation.  Seems that Mini-Mike is not a fan of pregnancy.  Too many of his female workers are getting pregnant, taking time off from their jobs.  He is alleged to have told one such lady to kill her infant before it is born.  Bloomberg also doesn't think much of babies in general.  He allegedly said that babies only eat and poop and are of no value for anything else.  So, Bloomberg apparently hates Blacks, Hispanics, farmers, mothers and babies.  Oh, yes, he hates President Trump, too!


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