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Vote For 2017 King Of Fake News

It′s official! There really is a contest where you may cast your vote for the 2017 King of Fake News! President Donald Trump has a page on his campaign website for casting votes. There are three fake news stories to select from, as well as a space for writing in your own choice. Actually, what happe…

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CNN Caught on Video, Russia Story BS

James O′Keafe and Project Veritas are at it again, this time exposing CNN and how their obsession with the Trump – Russia story is just for ratings. John Bonifield, a CNN producer, is caught on video spilling the beans! This report by Project Veritas comes right after CNN was forced to retract a story which alleged that a Trump supporter, Anthony Scaramucci, was being investigated on ties to Russia. But, the story was ′Fake News′. The anonymous sources were wrong. Scaramucci was not being investigated. CNN was forced to retract the story and apologize. The three reporters behind the fake news story resigned after CNN announced that they were establishing new guidelines for their reporting.



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