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Man At Arms: Art Of War - Ep7, Blades Of Legend

Last night on the El Rey Network, ″Man At Arms: Art Of War″ examined two ′Blades of Legend′. Danny Trejo and company took us back to the Battle of Valencia in 1094 AD where El Cid and his famous sword, Tizona, achieved victory. We also saw the team recreate the famous Fulfiqar sword, which the Prophet Mohammad, blessings and peace be upon him, gave to his cousin, Ali ibn Abi Talib, with which he won the Battle of Uhud in 625 AD. Our master bladesmiths once again attempted to recreate these weapons using some traditional methods of those periods of history. By the way, the actual title of this episode is, ″Stuff That Legends Are Made Of″.



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Man At Arms: Art Of War - Ep6, Weapons of the Pharaohs

Danny Trejo and his team took us back to Ancient Egypt last night in the El Rey series, ″Man At Arms: Art Of War″. Episode 6 was entitled, ″Weapons of the Pharaohs″. The two weapons recreated and tested were the famous Egyptian sword, the Khopesh, and the Egyptian Battle Axe. Kerry Stagmer, who runs the Baltimore Knife Company, decided that they would make the head of the battle axe out of bronze using a traditional sand castling technique. As for the Khopesh, they chose to make it out of iron rather than bronze.



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Man At Arms: Art Of War - Ep5, New World Warriors

Last night on the El Rey Network, Danny Trejo hosted a new episode of ″Man At Arms: Art Of War″. This week′s edition was entitled, ″New World Warriors″. Yes, time to look at how the Aztec Indians fought. There was actually a news item about a discovery made at an Aztec site. Archeologists found a pile of some 650 human skulls, believed to be those of women and children. Similar piles have been found in the past, usually considered to be those of males. So, it would seem that the Aztecs were a tad more brutal and bloodthirsty than previously thought. Trejo and his team of craftsmen will undertake the construction and testing of two Aztec weapons, the atlatl and the macuahuitl.



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Man At Arms: Art Of War - Epiosde 4 Weapons of the Mongol Horde

Last night on the El Rey network, Danny Trejo looked at the ′Weapons of the Mongol Horde′ on this week′s episode of ″Men At Arms: Art Of War″. The compound bow and the triple-bow ballista were the two weapons recreated and tested by his team of experts. Gene Ching, a historian, tells us about how bloody the Mongols were. They killed millions in their conquests across Asia and beyond. Possibly as many as 30 million or more, a signficant portion of the Earth′s population at the time. The Mongolian compound bow was extremely sophisticated in its design and complex to build. It consisted of about 20 parts, laminated together with animal glue, delivering over 100 pounds of power in its pull. The triple-bow ballista was a powerful siege weapon, capable of flinging spears, bolts and rocks great distances with deadly results.



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Man At Arms: Art Of War - Episode 3, African War Blades

If you are going through ″Forged In Fire″ withdrawal as I am, last night we had some relief on the El Rey Network. Another new episode of ″Man At Arms: Art Of War″ aired, hosted by Danny Trejo. This week his team of blacksmiths, artisans and martial arts experts looked at African war blades. Two in particular, the Za, also known by many other names, including the Hunga Munga, and the curved sword, the Shotel. ″Forged In Fire″ fans will recall these two weapons. The Za is a multi-bladed throwing weapon, also used by executioners. The Shotel is a rather nice sword, especially designed for attacking enemies equipped with a wide shield.



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Man At Arms: Art Of War - Episode 2, Weapons Of The Gods

Danny Trejo and his friends took us to ancient India in last night′s Episode 2 of ″Man At Arms: Art Of War″ on the El Rey Network. India has a long and bloody history of warfare going back thousands of years. Their own styles of martial arts often incorporates yoga forms. Their weapons are often designed for intimidation more so than for practicality on a battlefield, and can be seen in ′Ballywood′ films like ″Magadheera″ from 2009. Trejo and his team of experts focus on two such weapons. The three-bladed dagger known as the Haladie, and the flexible, ′belt sword′, the Urumi. The Urumi is like a razor-sharp, metallic whip, 30 inches or more in length. Some hilts of this weapon held up to 32 separate ′blades′ of deadly steel.



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Premiere Episode of 'Man at Arms: Art of War'

Last night on the El Rey Network we had the series premiere of ″Man at Arms: Art of War″, hosted by Danny Trejo. The first episode was ″Weapons of Kung Fu″. The series is somewhat of a knock-off from the wildly successful History Channel series, ″Forged In Fire″. That program features 4 real-life blacksmiths who compete in a weapons making competition to win a $10,000 prize. ″Man at Arms″ however, goes into more detail about specific weapons, from their construction and their use. Produced by Robert Rodriguez, the movie director of films like ″Machete″ and the ″Grindhouse″ flicks, we have assembled a crew of experts to build and demonstrate weapons made famous in popular culture. Let us meet our experts and see how they build and use two famous Kung Fu weapons, the Ji and the Wind & Fire blades, or wheels.



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