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Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch Tarmac Meeting Collusion, Lies

I really have to wonder if had Hillary Clinton been elected last year, if America would be looking like Venezuela right now? A nation in total chaos, with a failed economy, rampant inflation, political turmoil and becoming a tyrannical dictatorship. A case in point is the recent revelation that the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the FBI, has been lying about the existence of documents pertaining to the Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch meeting on the tarmac of the Phoenix, Arizona airport. After FOIA requests to the FBI resulted in a response that no such documents existed, another Freedom of Information Act request to the Department of Justice found some 413 pages worth.



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Senate Launches Loretta Lynch Probe

The United States Senate Judiciary Committee is launching an investigation on Loretta Lynch and how she ran the Justice Department while serving Barack Obama. Much of the focus will be on her managing the Hillary Clinton email scandal. We learned from former FBI Director James Comey that Loretta Lynch had ordered him to mislead committees on Capitol Hill about the criminal investigation on Hillary Clinton, demanding that Comey refer to the probe as a ″matter″. In addition to this, and the mysterious tarmac meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton days before Comey dropped the probe, an innocuous document has surfaced alleging that Lynch told the Clinton campaign that the criminal investigation would not go too far.



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