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Biden - You Ain't Black

Joe Biden did it again!  Mr Gaffe was on the podcast, "The Breakfast Club", hosted by Charlemagne tha God this morning.  As the interview was wrapping up, Charlemagne said he still had many questions for Joe.  But Biden responded that if you still haven't chosen to vote for him over Trump, "then you ain't Black"!  This touched off a backlash from a number of Black business leaders, politicians and entertainers.  Robert Johnson, founder and CEO of the BET network, and even P Diddy, both took offense to Biden's remark. Michigan Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, war veteran John James, also issued a statement condemning Joe Biden.  Of course, James was on hand with President Trump at the tour of the Ford Motor factory yesterday.  Biden issued an apology and told a group of Black businessmen via telephone that he was, "too cavalier".  There has been a growing concern nationwide that Democrat candidates take the Black vote for granted.


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Joe Biden Trump Pardon

Imagine the utter hubris of Joe Biden.  The former Vice President announced on MSNBC that he would not pardon President Donald Trump should Biden be elected this November.  As if Trump has done anything needing a pardon for!  Biden might want to beg Trump for a pardon after Trump wins reelection.  Biden has some explaining to do.  Records show that Biden requested an unmasking of Michael Flynn on January 12, 2017.  Biden had heard about the FBI investigation of Flynn during the January 5 briefing at the White House.  Notes from both Susan Rice and Sally Yates put Biden in the room during the Flynn briefing.  January 12 is the same day that the Flynn story was leaked to the press.  A federal felony.  Was it just a coincidence that the same day Biden got his paws on Flynn's file that the information was leaked?  Or did Biden do the leaking?


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Angry Joe Biden Wins Michigan

Angry Joe Biden had a good evening last night.  He appears to have won 4 of the 6 election contests yesterday, including the 2020 Michigan primary.  Results are still coming in, but Bernie Sanders seems to have only won the North Dakota caucus and has a razor thin lead in Washington State.  While '7 Minute' Biden had a good night, he had a bad day Tuesday in Michigan.  While touring an auto factory, Biden exploded into a profane rage when questioned by an auto worker about the Second Amendment.  When a young Black woman staffer to Biden tried to intervene, Biden rudely dismissed her, saying, "Hush, Hush!"  Clearly a sign of racism and misogyny.  


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Biden Wins SC, Steyer Quits

As expected, Joe Biden won the 2020 South Carolina primary.  The results gave Biden a clear win over Bernie Sanders, who finished second with about 19% of the vote, compared to Biden getting over 48%.  Tom Steyer finished 3rd with about 11%, not enough to earn any of the Palmetto State's 54 delegates.  Steyer spent some $7 Million dollars in South Carolina, more than the other ballot candidates combined.  The California Billionaire decided to drop out after the bad news.  South Carolina was Joe Biden's first primary win after 28 years and 3 tries to run for president.  It was his first finish better than 3rd place.  But victory may be short lived as Super Tuesday is just less than 72 hours away.  


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Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier

Today is the New Hampshire primary.  The 2020 Democrat presidential race is gotten off to a bumpy start.  Last week during the Iowa caucus, a clear winner is still a question mark.  While Pete Buttigieg has been declared the winner, both his and runner-up Bernie Sanders campaigns have requested a recanvas of the results.  Irregularities have been found in some 145 precinct vote tallies.  In many cases, more people cast votes in the 2nd round of the caucus than in the 1st, which should be impossible as the doors were supposed to be locked.  Meanwhile, New Hampshire is proving to be rough going for Joe Biden. During an event, Biden called a 21-year old female student a, "lying dog-faced pony soldier".  Bizarre, eh?  Biden says he was just joking but the young woman isn't buying it.  


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Rudy Giuliani Podcast, High Noon For Biden

At noon today, Rudy Giuliani will launch a podcast, which, over the course of the next few weeks, will detail the true level of corruption of Joe Biden, his family, Ukraine and other nations.  Appearing on Fox & Friends this morning, Giuliani gave a short version of what we can expect.  Basically, according to Rudy, the whole Democrat impeachment of President Trump is a "projection" of actual corruption begun by Joe Biden amd the Obama administration.  How, in mid January, 2016, Obama's National Security team held a meeting.  Giuliani believes that the alleged whistleblower in the Trump impeachment may have been present.  During this meeting, Obama officials decided to ask the Ukraine government to dig up dirt on then candidate Donald Trump, his son, Don Jr., and on Paul Manafort.  Why ask Ukraine?  Because,according to Giuliani, there is a long connection of corruption between the Ukraine government and the Democrat Party.


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