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Media Ignores Iran Protests

The American news media is ignoring the latest Iran protests.  They have been ignoring plenty of news.  A new study of what the major broadcasters have been talking about on their evening news programs has been shocking.  Media networks ABC, CBS and NBC have recently aired some 890 minutes of news about the Congress trying to impeach President Donald Trump.  Under 200 minutes about the drone strike which killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.  Hardly any coverage on the protests following Iran's admission to shooting down a Ukrainian air liner.  Only 9 minutes of coverage about our splendid economy.  Media bias did cover demonstrations in Iran protesting the death of Soleimani.  But when the people of Iran got angry at their own government instead of America and Trump, the Fake News Media went silent.


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Iranian Protests Death Toll Rises

Iran′s state controlled TV is reporting that at least another 11 people were killed overnight. This brings the death toll in the Iranian protests to at least 13, with some saying the number is 21 or more. For the sixth day, some 500,000 Iranian citizens took to the streets across some 40 cities. They are protesting against the corrupt regime which has mismanaged the economy and oppressed millions. The price of basic commodities and food have sky-rocketed as unemployment and inflation increase. Many women are now using these protests to focus attention on their plight under the harsh theocracy.



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