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MSNBC Danger To National Security

Is MSNBC a danger to our national security?  In my opinion, they most certainly are!  Along with the rest of the so-called Media.  The recent assault on the U.S. embassy in Bagdad by Iranian-backed militia and sabre rattling by North Korea are good examples.  In both cases, MSNBC and other 'Fake-News-Media' promoted a very anti-Trump viewpoint.  But more to the point, they emboldened our enemies.  MSNBC gets my special attention as they did this by trotting out a foreign policy has-been, Wendy Sherman.  When she was with the Clinton administration, she helped craft the bribe to North Korea to stop their nuclear weapons program, which, failed miserably.  When she was with the Obama administration, Wendy helped craft the Iran nuclear deal, which bribed Iran with $150 billion dollars in cash, along with hundreds of billions in bank assets.  Again, the result was not only a failure, but gave Iran the money to export terrorism, including funding the very militia unit in Iraq which attacked our embassy.

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Banks Rejected Obama Iran Money Deal

Barack Obama tried to get two U.S. banks to violate American and international laws to facilitate Iran in a currency exchange. Iran had some $6 Billion worth of its own currency in a bank in Omar which they wanted to exchange for Euros. Barack Obama tried to help them. First, he issued a waiver to the bank in Omar to allow it to do the currency exchange, which was forbidden under international sanctions against Iran at the time. Then, the Obama administration tried to get two American banks to handle the currency exchange. Both banks declined since doing so would be illegal. Congress had passed a law approving of the financial sanctions, as did most other national governments. Obama then tried to get some European banks to play ball. So why did Obama go so far out of his way to help Iran? The answer is simple, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett.



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Trump Withdraws From Iran Deal

President Donald J. Trump fulfilled another of his campaign promises. Yesterday, he announced that the United States is withdrawing from the so-called Iran Nuclear Deal. This ′deal′ orchestrated by John Kerry and Barack Obama, with some help from Hillary Clinton I′ll bet, allows Iran to finish its nuclear weapons program in 10 years. If not sooner, because the so-called deal has horrendous protocols for monitoring Iran′s nuclear research and production facilities. Military sites are off limits to any independent inspection and Iran is allowed to self-inspect non-military sites. Plus, they can still develop and test delivery systems like ICBMs!


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