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No New Impeachment Trial Witnesses

There will be no new impeachment trial witnesses.  Senators voted 51 to 49, blocking any additional  witnesses or documents. Mitt Romney and Susan Collins were the only defectors from party-line voting.  Despite Democrats wanting to add testimony from John Bolton and Nick Mulvaney, Mitch McConnell was able to muster enough votes among Republican senators to block any additions to the House managers case.  Such may well have extended the impeachment trial for several months, perhaps the rest of the year.  Preventing the U.S. Senate from doing any other work.  The Trump legal defense team argued that House managers have already presented testimony from 17 witnesses and over 28,000 documents provided by the Executive branch.  That any other 'evidence' should have been compiled by the House of Representatives before sending articles of impeachment to the Senate, as per the Constitution.


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