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Media Meltdown As Impeachment Fails

The highly biased news media is having a meltdown as reality begins to return to Washington, DC.  The Senate impeachment trial of Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America will most likely end today.  All signs now point to his acquittal.  Democrat House managers have failed miserably in their efforts.  Naturally, the Fake News Media are blaming Senate Republicans for being cowardly in allowing the 'Orange Monster' to continue his reign of alleged terror.  Nancy Pelosi is blaming his legal defense team, saying that they should all be disbarred.  That they have trashed the Constitution.  The TRUTH, however, is that it was Pelosi and her minions who tossed out all reason, common sense and Constitutional law.  As this boring and ridiculous exercise in bad politics comes to an end, even I am chuckling at their foolishness, despite the reality that so much time and money has been wasted.


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