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Last Minute Adult Halloween 2017 Costumes

Trick or Treat! Today is Halloween, 2017. Thanks to the Politically Correct Police, many of the usual costumes for children and adults are now banned or considered to racist or in poor taste. If you have yet to choose a costume for yourself this year, here are a few last minute ideas. These require little make-up and only a few accessories, easily and cheaply obtainable. I have two suggestions for males, or those who wish to dress up as men. First is Giorgio Tsoukalos, the ′ancient astronaut expert′ from the History Channel series, ″Ancient Aliens″. For those of you more inclined for a challenge, how about forensic geologist, Scott Wolter. Another History Channel star, who hosted the series ″America Unearthed″. For you ladies out there, I suggest none other than Linda Moulton Howe, Queen of Cattle Mutilations and Chem-Trails.



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