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Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Faces Congress

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg began his two-day face-off with Congress yesterday, appearing before a joint Senate committee. The hearing grilled him on subjects like Russian political ads, privacy and censorship. Facebook has much to answer to. They are the world′s largest social media platform with some 2.2 Billion users. Depending on whose numbers you believe, Facebook and Google control between 75% to 90% of all advertising dollars on the Internet. A larger percentage of people get their news from such sites as Facebook than from TV, radio or newspapers. But in Mark Zuckerberg′s mind, Facebook is neither a monopoly nor a threat to democracy.



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Facebook Is Censoring My Political Views

Facebook is censoring my political views, AGAIN! I′ve been meaning to write about this for a while, but now seems a good time. Especially with the social media mega-giant embroiled in controversy over how they use the personal information of their users. They think they can do whatever they want for for the last 9 years or so, they have. Facebook only really cares about their own bottom-line and their agenda, which is most definitely very Liberal. Which is why they are censoring me, as I am an America-loving supporter of President Donald J. Trump!



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