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Media Mistrusts New Covid Models

Our news media hates any good news about the Coronavirus pandemic.  Over at MSNBC, host Chris Hayes is now questioning the latest COVID-19 models from the IHME.  A research group from the University of Washington, funded by the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation.  The first IHME computer model predicted a death toll of between 100,000 to 240,000 dead in America by August 4th.  However, that was based on the assumption that only about 50% of the nation would practice social distancing and good hygiene.  The actual number is closer to 93% compliance.  The real life data began a series of revisions to the IHME Covid Model.  First the death toll was reduced to about 93,000, then 86,000.  Two days ago, it was down to about 60,000.  Chris Hayes believes that the Trump administration is playing with the numbers in order to take credit for saving lives.  


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