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Testing, Testing, Testing

For almost 3 years, Democrats and The Media chanted, "Russia, Russia, Russia".  Then, last summer, they switched to, "Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine", followed later by, "Impeachment, Impeachment, Impeachment".  Now, the anti-Trump forces are chanting, "Testing, Testing, Testing".  Considering how this all started, the Trump administration has done an extraordinary job in retooling our government agencies and capabilities in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.  About 7 weeks ago, our nation had a single platform for testing patients to determine if they had the COVID-19 virus.  These tests had to be processed manually at the CDC lab in Atlanta, or at local or state run public health labs.  The CDC lab could only process about 50-60 tests per day and results could takes 3-4 days to be determined.  Today, we now have some 11 platforms, expanding our capacity to doing some 140,000 tests per day, most of which can be automatically processed with results available in less than one day.  


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