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More Pelosi Lies

Nancy Pelosi made the rounds Sunday spewing more lies about her stand on the Coronavirus response.  She now is claiming that the Trump China travel ban did not go far enough.  That she wanted all travel stopped, including those flights which allowed thousands of American citizens to escape the infected areas like Wuhan and the surrounding Hubei province.  Pelosi seems to have forgotten her early tweet on Twitter criticizing the travel ban and calling for a 'No Ban Act'.  Pelosi also was encouraging citizens in her district to gather in large crowds and party, celebrating the Chinese New Year.  She also has been busy taking credit for financial assistance to U.S. citizens while delaying that relief while she eats her gourmet ice cream.  


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Opening Up America Again

President Donald J. Trump announced his plan to reopen the American economy.  Its a 3-Phase plan that first starts with a Gateway.  Once a state, or a county, demonstrates that it meets the gateway criteria, that community may begin to reopen with Phase 1.  The gateway criteria depends heavily on trends.  Once a state or county shows that it has two weeks of continuous declining numbers of new cases, deaths and hospitalizations, and has adequate testing for several key groups of citizens, Phase 1 may begin.  Phase 1 is basically what we have now in terms of social distancing and hygiene guidelines.  It does allow businesses to reopen provided they continue current mitigation practices, such as keeping interpersonal contacts down to 10 people or less.  This includes sit-down dining at restaurants and other businesses currently considered 'non-essential'.


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Wuhan Lab Patient Zero

There is a growing body of evidence, real facts, pointing towards the Coronavirus outbreak starting at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  Two years ago, State Department officials were warning of the sloppy conditions at this research facility.  Several recent reports are providing more details on how the COVID-19 pandemic started.  If true, then it appears a female intern became infected while mishandling the contagion.  This strain of Coronavirus occurs naturally in the horseshoe bat.  The intern apparently infected her boyfriend, who then, in turn, infected other humans at a Wuhan wet market several miles away from the lab.  But the contagion didn't stop there.  A report from the British medical journal, "The Lancet", on January 24 described how about a third of COVID-19 cases in Wuhan had no connection to any wet market, where fresh meats were sold.  Other reports claim that while some varieties of bats were sold at the markets, none sold the horseshoe bat.  The nearest, wild colony of which lives more than 600 miles away.


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