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New Al Gore Movies Bombs At Box Office

The new Al Gore movie, ″An Inconvenient Sequel″, has flopped at the box office. It finished in 15th place, earning barely a million dollars. While some are blaming critics and even the film studio for a lack of advertising, the real culprit is ′The Truth′ about Global Warming. Man-made climate change simply is not happening. Global temperatures are not increasing, nor are sea levels rising. If anything, both are declining! Much like public opinion on the whole warming issue. Polls have shown a steady drop in belief in the ′warmist′ theories, as well as its importance as a national, political issue.



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New Study Debunks Global Warming

A new research study has examined the latest findings on Global Average Surface Temperature, GAST, from NOAA, NASA and HADLEY. The result of the study is to debunk estimates and predictions from an earlier report by the EPA known as the GHG/CO2 Endangerment Finding. The data gathered by all of these government agencies is very flawed, resulting in a report which is, ″not a valid representation of reality″. The new study shows that the EPA′s conclusions are inconsistent with actual data obtained from credible sources. Claims that the three GAST data sets show record setting global warming are completely false. This also means that the EPA′s findings based on those studies is also erroneous.



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