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DUNKIRK, The 2017 Movie Opens Today

The summer-blockbuster for 2017, ″Dunkirk″, opens today. The movie by director Christopher Nolan promises to be an exciting recreation of the drama which took place along the shores of northeastern France. A large cast featuring some new faces to British cinema, like Fionn Whitehead, Aneurin Barnard and Barry Keoghan, is balanced with some seasoned talent, such as Kenneth Branagh. ″Dunkirk″ is a World War 2 film about the struggle to rescue over 400,000 British, French and Belgian forces surrounded by the German army in 1940. Following the invasion of France by the Nazis in May of 1940, German panzers tore through Allied defenses at Sedan, setting the stage for a blitzkrieg as panzer tanks and troops outflanked the Allies on their way to the French coast. What happened next is often called, ′The Miracle of Dunkirk′.



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