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Seattle Cops Chop CHOP

The Capitol Hill Organized Protest, CHOP, formerly known as CHAZ, has been expelled by Seattle police.  After the autonomous zone besieged several blocks around the city's 3rd Precinct building for some 3 weeks, city officials finally decided to take back their streets.  Much of this began after a Black Lives Matter protest demonstrated outside the home of Mayor Jenny Durkan.  Durkan, a Liberal Democrat, initially embraced the anarchist take over of the Capitol Hill neighborhood.  She even said it might become a "summer of love".  Instead, it turned into a hell hole of filth and violence.  Several deaths occurred recently, including 2 Black teens.  One was the 19-year old son of Horace Lorenzo Anderson, Sr.  For days, he has gotten little information about his son's murder from city officials.  Appearing on the Sean Hannity Show last night, Mr. Anderson finally saw police body camera video of the effort made to recover his son's body.


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Seattle Autonomous Zone

Welcome to "Capitol Hill" in the new, Seattle Autonomous Zone.  An area of some 6 to 7 city blocks of the Emerald City has been taken over by Marxist-Socialist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  This 'cop-free' zone is just part of the ongoing protests started from the death of George Floyd while in custody of the Minneapolis Police Department.  Protesters have a long list of demands as they occupy Seattle's East Precinct.  Seattle Police vacated their building on Monday under escort of the National Guard.  Since then, mobs of anarchists and agitators have taken over.  For some 17 days now, we have seen violent unrest in some 42 cities across America.  Yesterday, members of the Woke Movement, the Cancel Culture, have been busy tearing down and vandalizing statutes and other monuments in many locations.  Cop shows on TV are being pulled and cancelled.  Even the cartoon "Paw Patrol" may get the axe.  All in response to the alleged police brutality and murder of George Floyd.


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