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US, UK, France Launch Airstrike On Syria

The United States, United Kingdom and France launched a series of missile and airstrikes against Syria last night. President Donald J. Trump addressed the American people at 9pm Eastern Friday explaining the mission. The objective was to destroy or degrade the regime of Bashar Al Assad use of chemical weapons. The action comes a week after Assad allegedly used such weapons against the Syrian city of Douma, killing about 45 men, women and children and injuring hundreds more. Last night′s mission targeted three chemical weapon facilities. A ′scientific research center′ in Damascus and two chemical weapon storage facilities near Homs, one of which has ′Command & Control′ capabilities. The United States launched dozens of missiles from warships, as well as from B-1B Lancer bombers stationed in Qatar. The French and British also launched weapons from warships and aircraft for a total of 105 ′stand-off′ missiles.



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