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The NationalistPundit is dedicated to promoting American ideals and exceptionalism.  We have a truly remarkable history.  With the election of President Donald J. Trump in 2016, America is now poised to becoming great again.  After 8, long, bitter years under Barack Obama, the United States lapsed into a secondary role.  Both domestically and on the global stage.  President Trump has already begun to turn things around, instilling a positive, vigorous attitude in all things American!

In the coming days and months, we will cover a wide range of topics, events and issues.  Including the concepts of America First and Economic Nationalism.  For far too long, our leaders have made the United States a 'Chump Nation'.  Just an open, blank checkbook and a doormat for others to use and abuse.  Hopefully, under President Donald Trump, those days are over.  So visit here regularly, bookmarking this site, and learn how much fun, exciting and prosperous Nationalism can be for YOU!  Also, I am now also posting articles at ProAmericaOnly.Org.  This is a Conservative substitute for Facebook which I encourage all to join!

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Impeachment Trial To Begin 


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Impeachment Moves To Senate 

US-China Trade Deal Signed 

Media Ignores Iran Protests 

Megxit Monday 

Pelosi Disproportionate Stupidity 

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Psychic Predictions for 2020 

2019 In Review 

Trump NASDAQ Breaks 9,000 

California Homeless Crisis 

NORAD Santa Tracker 2019 

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Book Review, Mary Ball Washington By Craig Shirley  

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Lawyer Named In FISA Abuse  

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Sondland Testimony Backfires 

Vindman Testimony Falls Short  

Schools Expand Adulting 101 Courses 

Same Schiff, Different Day  

Media Impeachment Lunacy    

Public Impeachment Hearings Begin Today  

Don Cherry Fired 

Whistleblower Lawyer Called For Coup 

One Year Till 2020 Vote

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NORAD Santa Tracker 2018

Millennial Adulting Courses

More Bias At FBI, DOJ

James Comey 245 Memory Lapses

Marijuana Legal In Michigan Today

Robert Mueller Ethics Complaint

More Cracks In Mueller Witch Hunt

Migrants Storm US Border

Migrant Caravan Chaos In Tijuana

Stacey Abrams, Sore Loser

Macron v Trump, Patriotism v Nationalism

No Liberal Civility Yet

2018 Midterm Election Results

Rick Grimes Lives

October 2018 Jobs Report, More Winning

Crazy Democrats Get Crazier

The End Of Rick Grimes

Mad Bomber On The Loose

Why I Voted Straight Ticket Republican

Mexico To Stop Migrant Caravan

Elizabeth Warren DNA Test, Fake-ahontas

Kanye Says Trump Is Fresh And Fly

Justice Kavanaugh Sworn In

FBI Finds Nothing On Kavanaugh Allegations

Democrats, Party Of Crime

Brett Kavanaugh Wins Hearing Fight

Christine Blasey Ford, Alien Abduction

Project Veritas Unmasks Deep State

Trump To Declassify Deep State Docs

Florence Floods North Carolina

Media Says Trump Complicit With Hurricane Florence

FBI Media Leak Strategy Texts

Obama Speech Puts Trump Asleep

NY Times Anonymous Op Ed

Brett Kavanaugh Senate Hearings Begin

Mueller Probe Death Watch

Truth Of Trump Beats CNN Lies

Media Impeachment News Hysteria

James Comey Lied About Weiner Laptop

Tales Of Injustice

John Brennan Causes Deep State Meltdown

Media Collusion Against Trump

Socialism Popular Again

Bruce Ohr, Conduit Between Chris Steele And DOJ

Identity Politics Defeated By Trump Jobs

Obama Endorsement List

Trump Job Approval Hits 48 Percent

Trump Wins EU Trade Deal

2018 World Fencing Championships In Wuxi, China

Trump May Revoke Security Clearances

FBI Releases Carter Page FISA Warrant

Whoopi Goldberg Goes Mad On The View

Rush Limbaugh Hits Grand Slam On Helsinki Reaction

Hysteria Over Helsinki Summit

Trump Meets Putin At Helsinki Summit

Trump Tells NATO Summit 2018, Pay Up

Brett Kavanaugh Nominated For SCOTUS

Hillary 2020

Trump To Appoint Illegal Immigrant To Supreme Court

Liberals Shade Independence Day

Trump Winning With Hispanics

Liberals Call To Disband ICE

Justice Anthony Kennedy To Retire

Congress To Grill Peter Strzok

Media Puzzled By Melania Trump Jacket

Trump Wows Huge Rally In Duluth

Horowitz, Wray Testify Before Congress

Forget Blue Wave, Ride Trump Gold Wave 2018 Mid-Term Elections

DOJ Inspector General Report Release Today

DOJ, FBI Scandal Grows

Pax Trump, Kim Agrees To DeNuke At Singapore Summit

Ex Senate Intel Staff Leaker Indicted

Banks Rejected Obama Iran Money Deal

Barack Obama Shadow Government Exposed

Donald Trump First 500 Days As President

Trump Keeps Winning!  More Jobs, North Korea Summit

Trump Busy Memorial Day Weekend

Astronaut, Artist Alan Bean, Dead At 86

Trump Cancels North Korea Summit

Deep State Briefing On SpyGate Today

Why No FBI Informant In Obama Campaign, Operation Board Games

More Than One Spy In Trump Campaign

Trump Demands Probe On FBI Informant

CBC Wins For Best Royal Wedding Coverage

Inspector General Report On FBI, DOJ Completed

The New York Times Exposes Operation Crossfire Hurricane

Robert Mueller Witch Hunt Probe Begins 2nd Year

FBI Mole, Informant Russia Collusion Witch Hunt

George Will Attacks Mike Pence

FBI Spy In Trump Campaign

Trump Welcomes Freed Hostages Home

Trump Withdraws From Iran Deal

Trump Nemesis Eric Schneiderman Busted, Resigns

Another Judge Rules Against Mueller Probe Pettifoggery

Judge Rebukes Mueller Probe On Manafort Case

Michael Caputo Faces Mueller Drumhead

Rudy Giuliani Calls Out Robert Mueller

CNN Hijacked My Computer

Trump Chooses People Over Press, Again

House Report Says No Trump, Russian Collusion

Kanye West And The Trump Effect

James Comey Memos Released, McCabe Referral, Too

Congress Sends Referral To Probe FBI, DOJ, Clinton Crimes

DOJ Inspector General Report On Andrew McCabe

US, UK, France Launch Airstrike On Syria

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Faces Congress

FBI Raids Trump Attorney Michael Cohen

Kevin Williamson Hung By His Own Words

You-Tube Shooter Angry Over Funding

Laura Ingraham 1, David Hogg 0

Anti Gun Rally Attendance Numbers Questioned

Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes Interview

Thank You President Trump For Supporting Our Military

James Clapper Allegedly Leaked To CNN

Facebook Is Censoring My Political Views

Andrew McCabe Fired From FBI For Lack Of Candor

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Elizabeth Warren Refuses DNA Test

Donald Trump To Meet Kim Jong Un

DOJ To Sue California

Calls For Special Counsel For FISA Probe

Trump Trade Tariffs

Jimmy Kimmel Flops, Oscar Ratings Tank

More Woes For FBI, Deep State

Worf & I

Trump On Gun Control

DOJ To Probe Obama FISA Abuse

FedEx Stands Up To NRA Boycott

Cowards Of Broward County Sheriff Exposed

Trump Wows CPAC 2018 Crowd

CNN Backlash From Scripted Townhall

CPAC 2018 Starts Today

Rush Limbaugh Calls Marie Harf Ignorant, I Agree

Bump Stock Ban Proposed

Beyond The Russian Indictments

FBI Admits Failure On Florida School Shooting

Adam Schiff Memo MIA

Parkland Florida High School Shooting, FBI Knew

Susan Rice Email, Cover Up

Trump Sends Dem Memo Back For Edit

Budget Passes, Money For Drugs, Sex Of Quails

Hillary Clinton Paid For FISA Warrant

Little Adam Schiff Big Liar

Stocks Dive On 1st Day Of New Fed Chair

FISA Abuse Memo Released, Exposes Comey And Others

Latest On FISA Abuse Memo Release

MSNBC Joy Reid May Hate America

Trump SOTU 2018 Address, Positive, Unifying

McCabe Out At FBI, FISA Memo To Be Released

College Snowflakes React To Trump SOTU Speech Before Given

The Grammys 2018 Ratings Flop

Comey, McCabe FBI Text Messages Now Missing

The X-Files, The Lost Art Of Forehead Sweat

Trump Immigration Plan, More Trump Fu

Trump, Mueller Showdown Coming

Trump Love-Fest In Davos

Trump Arrives At Davos

Informant Talking On FBI Secret Society

Oops, 5 Months Of FBI Text Messages Missing

Schumer Caves, Shutdown Ends

Government Shutdown 2018 Poster Wars

Trump First Year Anniversary, America Winning

Schumer Shutdown, Dems Get Blamed

Memo May Show FBI, DOJ FISA Abuse

Paul Krugman Wins Trump Fake News Awards

Doctor Says Trump Fit For Duty

Michigan Meteor Rattles Windows, Public

New Uranium One Indictments

Democrats Play Politics With DACA

Hawaii False Missile Alert

Dick Durbin May Think Block-Chains Are Racist

Trump Speaks Truth To Reality

FBI Used Dirty Dossier For FISA Warrant

Schools Ban Best Friends

Trump DACA Meeting

CNN Jake Tapper Unfit For Journalism

Dirty Dossier, Dirty Tricks

Dow 25,000, A Bomb Cyclone Of Cheer

Forget Steve Bannon, Stock Markets Hit New Record Highs

Deadline - Congress vs FBI, DOJ

Huma Abedin Email Problems

Iranian Protests Death Toll Rises

Happy New Year, Psychic Predictions For 2018

Vote For 2017 King Of Fake News

DOJ IG Report Charts FBI, DOJ Tainted, Biased Probes

Bitcoin Alternatives, Investing In Digital, Crypto-Currencies

Trump, America Winning, Democrats, Media Losing

NORAD Santa Tracker 2017 Brings Christmas Cheer

Tucker Carlson Talks UFO With Navy Pilot

GOP Tax Cut Bill Passes

Obama Allowed Iran Terrorists To Traffic Cocaine, Guns

Tainted Mueller Probe In Tatters

College Snowflakes Comforted By Care Bears, Llamas

Hillary Clinton Plot Thickens

Tax Reform Bill Completed In Conference

FBI Texts Show Anti-Trump Bias

Bitcoin Futures Launched, Crypto-Currency Mania

Roy Moore Poised To Win Alabama Senate Race

Walking Dead Shocker, Carl Bitten

New Poll Shows 92% Of Democrats Are Ignorant

Trump Gives Strong, Clear Speech In Pensacola

Christopher Wray Dodges Questions On FBI Bias

Al Franken To Resign From Senate

Trump To Move Embassy To Jerusalem

FBI Tainted Bias By Anti Trump Agent

Brian Ross Bungles Michael Flynn Guilty Plea Story

No Justice In Kate Steinle Murder Case

Media Ignores America Great Again

Matt Lauer Fired By NBC News

Media Freaks Out Over Pocahontas Joke

Thankful For President Donald Trump

Forged in Fire Bladesgiving Marathon

Charlie Rose, The Naked Time

Ingratitude, Thy Name Is LaVar Ball

Media Declares End Of Clinton Era

Creepy Al Franken Groping Photo

House To Vote On Tax Bill

Roy Moore Allegations, Oh You Kid

Book Review, Hacks By Donna Brazile

Trump Meets Putin, Discussed Meddling

Trump In China

One Year After Trump Election Victory

Donna Brazile New Book Hacks On Sale Now

Trump Visits Japan, Heads To South Korea

Atheist Behind Texas Church Shooting

Reaction To Donna Brazile, Hillary Clinton, DNC Memo

Donna Brasile Says Hillary Clinton Stole Nomination

PBS Frontline Putin's Revenge, Biased, Shoddy Whitewash

New York Truck Terror Attack

Last Minute Adult Halloween 2017 Costumes

Paul Manafort Surrenders To FBI

Washington Braces For Bombshells Next Week

DOJ Lifts Gag Order On Uranium One Informant

Mark Halperin Resigns After Sexual Harassment Allegations

Hillary Clinton, DNC Funded Russian Trump Dossier

Jeff Flake Retires, Flakes Out

Jimmy Carter Defends Trump, Bashes Obama

New Poll, Nearly Half Say Media Makes Up Trump News

North Korea Loves MSNBC Morning Joe

Congress Launches Uranium Deal Probe

John Kelly Slams Frederica Wilson During Press Briefing

Media Ignores Bad Hillary Clinton News

NFL Meeting Caves On National Anthem

Trump, McConnell Say Tax Reform Top Priority

Thomas The Tank Engine Too Male

No More Oscars For Harvey Weinstein

Trump Signs Obamacare Changes

Trump Tweets On NBC Fake News

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Finally Condemn Harvey Weinstein

Putting A Cork In Bob Corker

Curtain Call For Harvey Weinstein

Second Amendment Under Attack

No Apology From Fake NBC News

ATF Says Las Vegas Shooter Used Bump Fire Stock

Trump Visits Puerto Rico

Las Vegas Shooting Update

Las Vegas Shooting, 50 Dead, 406 Injured

Librarian Calls Dr. Seuss A Racist

Trump Waves Jones Act For Puerto Rico

AP Reports, Wisconsin Election Not Hacked By Russia

FBI Reports Violent Crime Up 2016

Bill O'Reilly Visits Sean Hannity On Fox News

Judge Roy Moore Wins Alabama Senate Run Off

Rush Limbaugh Joins NFL Boycott

Fans Boo NFL Players Taking Knee During Anthem

Pope Francis Accused Of Promoting Heresy

Lawrence O'Donnell Meltdown Video

David Meade Says Doomsday Begins On September 23

Paul Manafort Wiretapped, Trump Was Right Again

Trump Lectures UN On Principled Realism

Sean Spicer Wrong, 2017 Emmy Awards Worst Ratings Ever

Marseille Acid Attack On 4 American Tourists

Hillary Clinton, More Email, Benghazi Trouble

Thomas Jefferson Statue Covered

Mitch McConnell Dino-Sour On Tax Reform

Hillary Clinton Book Bombs 1st Day

Hurricane Irma Now A Tropical Storm

Trump Cuts Deal With Democrats

Run Away - Florida Braces For Hurricane Irma

Hillary Clinton Blames Bernie Again

Trump On DACA, Gives Congress 6 Months

Hurricane Irma 2017 Makes Landfall

Texas Open Carry Law 2017 For Long Blades

North Korea Tests H-Bomb

Trump In Texas, Louisiana

Trump Slams Comey For Phony Hillary Email Probe

CBS 'Salvation' Depicts Hillary As President

Trump Tax Reform Speech

Trump Texas Visit, Harvey Update

Dear AntiFa, Go To Venezuela

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Finale

Disaster As Houston Floods

President Donald Trump Pardons Joe Arpaio

Hurricane Harvey Slams Texas

Preparing For Hurricane Harvey

The Case Against Jeff Flake

ESPN Robert Lee Pulled, Political Correctness Police

Media Reaction To Trump Phoenix Rally

Trump Afghanistan Speech Unveils New Strategy

Confederate Monument In Indiana Vandalized

Trump Thanks Bannon For Service

40,000 Protest Free Speech In Boston

Barcelona Terror Attack

FNC Host Eboni K Williams Criticizes Trump, Receives Death Threats

Trump Talks Infrastructure, Educates Media

Violent Protesters Bring Down Confederate Statue

North Korea Blinks, Trump Wins Again

Solar Eclipse 2017. Sign of the Apocalypse

Charlottesville Protests, Violence

Liberal 'The Nation' Debunks Russia-Gate

Hillary Clinton Benghazi Email Hunt On Again

North Korea Plans Launching Missiles At Guam

Jerry Brown Bullet Train Fiasco

North Korea Threatens Guam, Trump Vows Fire And Fury

Not Tired Of Winning, Trump Economy Surges

New Al Gore Movie Bombs At Box Office

Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch Tarmac Meeting Collusion, Lies

Jeff Sessions DOJ Crackdown on Leaks

Declassify and Unmask Obama, Hillary Files

Robert Mueller to Probe Trump Use of Rolling Stone Music

Stephen Miller Shames CNN Jim Acosta

Dow Jones 22,000 - America Great Again!

Anthony Scaramucci and the Icarus Factor

Trump Warns Congress On Healthcare Subsidies

Reince Priebus Out, John Kelly In As White House Chief Of Staff

Man At Arms: Art Of War Season 1 Finale, Ep8, Weapons of the Samurai

White House Tweets, Leaks and Trump Fu

Former Aide To Debbie Wasserman Schultz Arrested

President Trump Boy Scouts Speech, Love Fest

Democrats Steal Papa Johns Slogan

Anthony Scaramucci In, Sean Spicer Resigns

President Trump Commissions USS Gerald R. Ford, CVN-78

DUNKIRK, The 2017 Movie Opens Today

Man At Arms: Art Of War - Ep7, Blades of Legend

President Donald Trump, Populism 2.0

Joe Scarborough, Dimwit

Let It Die, Obamacare Repeal Option

Made In America Week

New Study Debunks Global Warming

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Premiere Primer

Man At Arms: Art Of War - Ep6, Weapons of the Pharaohs

Symphony Music Equals White Supremacy

Donald Trump Jr Russia Meeting, Another Nothing Burger

Media Frenzy Over G20 Summit Lapel Pins

Trump - Putin Meeting

Man At Arms: Art Of War - Ep5, New World Warriors

Donald Trump Poland Trip, Crowds Cheer Warsaw Speech

CNN Blackmail Scandal Against Reddit User

Donald Trump Wins Twitter War with CNN Wrestling Video

More Media Retract Russia Fake News

Crazy Mika, Psycho Joe, Human Leaches

Man At Arms: Art Of War, Ep4 Mongol Horde

Border Wall Prototypes to Begin Construction

Andrew McCabe, Acting FBI Boss, Under Investigation

CNN Caught on Video, Russia Story BS

Lisa Durden Fired After 'Tucked' on Fox News

Pres. Trump Slams Obama on Russian Meddling

Senate Launches Loretta Lynch Probe

More Trump Fu, No James Comey Tapes

Man At Arms: Art Of War, Episode 3, African War Blades

New Ken Doll Modeled After Rachel Maddow

Kellyanne Conway - Media Has Russian Concussion

Georgia Special Election 2017 Results

Tucker Carlson VS James Devine, Mr. Hunt Republicans

Megyn Kelly Uses Alex Jones to Attack Trump

Ben & Jerry's Farmers Protest for Better Pay, Conditions

Time for Robert Mueller to Resign

Far-Left Shooter Motivated by The Media

Rep. Steve Scalise Shot by Gunman at Alexandria Ballpark

Jeff Sessions at Senate Hearing Calls Comey Innuendo 'Lies'

Trump Pushes Agenda Amidst Probes, Attacks

Julius Caesar Sponsors Drop Out, Too Trump-Like

Fast And Furious Hearing Blasts Eric Holder, DOJ

CNN Dumps Reza Aslan, The Goofy Sufi

James Comey Testimony - Cowardice and Confusion

Premiere Episode of 'Man at Arms: Art of War'

Media Frenzy Over James Comey Hearing

President Trump Picks Christopher Wray as FBI Director

FBI Arrests Bernie Supporter in NSA Leak

Vladimir Putin to Megyn Kelly, 'Your Lives Must Be Boring.'

London Bridge Attacks - 7 Dead, 48 Injured in Terrorist Incidents

America First!  Trump Pulls US Out of Paris Agreement

Hillary Clinton Blames Macedonians, 1,000 Russians

CNN Fires Kathy Griffin, Thank Goodness!

#covfefe - The Power of Trump Fu

Trump Twitter Storm on Fake News of Jared Kushner

Memorial Day 2017, Saluting Our Fallen Warriors

Trump Hits Home Run on 1st Trip Overseas

ISIS in Egypt Behind Coptic Christian Massacre

Trump Orders Probe into UK Intel Leak

Greg Gianforte Wins Montana Special Election

FISA Courts Rebuke Obama NSA Spying on Americans

Will Sean Hannity Be Next Booted From Fox News?

UK Terror Threat Level Raised to Critical

22 Dead in Manchester Bombing Attack

President Donald Trump Visits Israel

President Donald Trump Wins Big in Saudi Arabia

Harvard Study Proves Media Bias, hatred of Trump

Bob Beckel Fired From Fox News